Need some advice on improving my AP abilities.

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Need some advice on improving my AP abilities.

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A bit of background to start off.

Within the last year I became the keeper of my lovely succubus, S, and since then I have been working on how to AP to try and interact with her more. Eventually, with the help of S, I had my first few experiences with AP/OBE/lucid dreaming. The last 3 times that I had an event were of my own efforts though and I need some tips on how to improve my ability to maintain the event for longer. I have found that I need to be laying on my left side in order to have a chance at all of starting the AP and the sensation I feel when I succeed is that I "slip" out of my body from my back, almost like my body is a suit of some kind.

From there my vision is like my eyes are half closed and a kind of fog blocks a good portion of my vision but not enough that I can't see where I am. All 3 times my room looks exactly the same (which makes me think I'm AP and not lucid dreaming) and in one instance I kinda fell through the floor and ended up in the living room downstairs haha! Interestingly, every time I tried to look back at my own body in bed the fog in my vision would immediately get a lot worse, keeping me from seeing my body, and cause me to sort of "fade away" and wake back up in bed. Trying to move is also difficult as it feels like I'm trying to move trough water, not impossible but it is notably difficult, and it feels like I'm moving my physical body as well sometimes.

All in all I'm hoping for some advice on how to improve myself in this regard, whether through some exercises or spells or what have you. I appreciate any help you lot can give me and thanks in advance!

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