Is flying always ...?

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Is flying always ...?

Post by flairrose »

Wondering if flying is almost always an astral/OB experience and/or lucid?

I have not had a flying dream in quite some time up until last week. What was interesting was that rather than an open and natural landscape I'm more familiar to when I do fly, I was flying through a beautiful and busy town scape, brushing into tops of huge bushes of colorful flowers, gliding by tall multilevel houses with outdoor veils and tapestries, and in front of interesting artistic window displays.

I actually was trying *not* to be lucid. If I focus too much on the uncanniness and try to control things too much I snap out of the experience quickly, but my goal is always to try to prolong the exhilaration of flying. So I can't really say that it was lucid?

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Re: Is flying always ...?

Post by ASTER »

I have had similar experiences of flying. They are very real and it was absolutely uplifting.

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