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Astral projection or just a dream?

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:17 am
by sandalwood
Last night I often woke up due to hot weather. I was lying on bed when I felt the vibrations. I let it get stronger then when I thought the time was right, I did the exit technique. It was success. At that very moment I was even thinking "Finally!!!".

When I was out, the vision quality was lackluster then I said "clarity now". I remember calling for my spirit friends, but none came. I think I even tried to fly or something which I did. I've thought about my body then I woke up. The memory of what happened was foggy now. The experience was like one of my regular dreams, nothing fancy.

I believe it was just a dream because the vision quality is similar to my regular dreams. When I lucid dream, it was often very vivid and detailed. But this one, not so much. Also, I've tried calling for my spirit friends when I lucid dream, nobody came; this is more proof that it's a dream. Anyway, before I slept, I was thinking to trying to AP but decided not to.

From waking up to feeling the vibrations then waking from the "dream". Everything was systematic, in a way how I envision what I will do when chance come. It seems I kept thinking about it that I finally dreamed of it.

What do you guys think? Astral projection or just a dream?

Re: Astral projection or just a dream?

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 5:52 pm
by Lewk
Here are my thoughts, as you asked...

Short answer. I don't really know. I like to think the dreamer is the expert.

But from what you say it was more dreaming than classic astral travel, which I think of as something that is done while the person is not sleepy. A light or deep trance is not the same as sleep or a lucid dream, or dream astral travel. As you had just woken up you may still have been close to the dream and from what you say, that's what it was.

I've astral travelled in trance during healings; in deep relaxation trance for astral journeying to different levels of and places in the astral; I've attended astral classes during sleep; I've lucidly moved around in some kinds of dream scenarios, some form of astral location; I've lucidly dreamed lightly and contacted shamanic guides; I've shamanic journeyed in light relaxation trance; I've set dream locations and gone there, using shamanic lucid dreaming. I like to think I've done a fairly good range of astral or shamanic travelling and in a fairly good range of states. The foggy ones don't feel successful.

But I've read about people whose dream travel has been very good but still found it hard to remember the deeper levels they went to, rather like we forget our deep dreams easily. I think they developed a method for checking or getting part of their being to remember it.

Btw I don't consider myself an expert in astral travel or lucid dreaming by any means.

Re: Astral projection or just a dream?

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:15 pm
by Regholdain
It could have been a near-astral out-of-body experience. It sounds familiar to some that I've had.

Also, sometimes vision is not very clear during OBE / astral travel. It's said that clarity can be obtained by commanding it to happen as you did. The higher self is said to respond to that state, even to commands of travelling, and so on, if you allow it to without interruption.

Another thought, your current dreamlike fogginess of the memory could just be a side-effect of the memory of the event being uploaded into your conscious mind. So now you felt like it was a dream, but in the moment it felt like AP/OBE.

This is mainly based off of anecdotal personal experience and reading. As Lewk said, though, you were the dreamer / traveler, so your gut instinct and perspective are more accurate than any outside opinion.

Re: Astral projection or just a dream?

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 5:53 am
by sandalwood
Thanks for the responses!

I've read more books about AP, like this book "Astral projection : Amazing Journeys Outside the Body " by Agarwal. On the FAQ section there is this question:

20. How conscious is a person during Astral Projection? Is the experience as life-like as being in the physical body?

When you have a proper and controlled Astral Projection, you are as conscious as being in the physical body. When you do not have complete control, the experience can sometimes be a bit dreamlike.

The answer resonated to me very well. It's like the answer that I've been searching for.

Last night I tried APing again and it was more interesting. I started by relaxing my body and focusing on an image on my head. Then when I felt that my body is getting heavier and at brink of being sleepy, I lay on bed and next thing I remembered is that I woke up due to house noise.

I was half awake, and I feel those vibrations specially on my hands. I let it grow stronger then when I thought that it's enough, I tried to exit the body using Rope technique. Visualizing a rope above and grabbing it. I seem to float up slightly so I use both of my hands to pull up, but it still not enough. I called my astral and sterling angels for help. I felt something pushing my back up, it helped, but it's like I'm now on a sitting position on my bed.

As I was struggling in pulling myself up and with those helpful forces on my back, I heard two voices of adult male and female. They were talking in English with clear nice voice, and I can understand them (english is not my native language). This is the first time I ever understand a spirit voice while in this state. Since I was busy trying to exit, I forgot to interact with them. Somehow, I get the feeling that it's my astral and sterling angel whom I called for help.

My eyes were close, I tried to open it but can't see anything. I tried saying CLARITY NOW or something similar. The stronger I say it, there seem to be an effect. Then I realized that I was sitting at the edge of my bed while I was contemplating why I still can't see. Moments later, I woke up again due to the noise in the house. Overall, I'm happy with the progress.