Empath losing empathy

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Re: Empath losing empathy

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Hello im new to the sight and so glad i found it i have so much going on with my spiritual life that its getting harder to keep doing it all see i am also an empath but also see feel and talk to and with spirits for some reason spirits look for me or seak me out or it seams that way but the thing is i grew tired of being an empath because of all the sadness i was carring on my back and i got to where i don't look anybody in the eyes for more than a second or two at a time that way i wouldn't get a good reading off them so this gave me an out on my gift. So i have just in the last few years started working with my gifts again and this is when all the spirits started finding me well plus my brother and i go to graveyards and take pitchers i really enjoy and welcome the spirits that have came seaking me i fill onered for this but don't know anough about any of my gifts i have helped so many people in the past with my empath ability but still fill empty and alone even in a crowd.so any advice or help would be so greatly appreciated i really would love to be or have happy thoughts and feeling again its been a long long time. Thanks gang for everything

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Re: Empath losing empathy

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I have found that when I am well, I pick up almost everything around me. When I am sick, I shut down. I think stress is a factor in all of this.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I sometimes wonder if my empathic abilities and the ability to pick up and hone in on someone else's illness is what is exacerbating my own illnesses.

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Re: Empath losing empathy

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I think so Huffette. Anything that we connect with will affect us in some way and that's why we have to be careful and bring our focus where it's needed the most.

I have this horrible habit of always jumping down the rabbit hole so to speak. Like I know what sorts of thoughts/emotions something will bring up for me and yet I'll still go and connect myself with it. I guess I just feel like I should be able to handle anything. But that's not always the best approach (It can be sometimes) as it can lead to feeling hurt and depressed. And why would anybody want to do that to themselves.

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Re: Empath losing empathy

Post by LexBarringer »

ReverieDawn wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:52 pm
This spawned from a fight I had with my mother last night. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not so if it isn't, just let me know.

Can an empath lose their empathy?

I have always been a super sensitive person, to the point I would cry for others even if they aren't crying. However over the last few years, I have found that my empathy has waned. I am not quite sure how to describe it.

I am constantly surrounded by negative energies, I am being treated for depression medically and have been contemplating going to therapy, I know for a fact that my own mental issues and energies are all out of wack. I hate myself, the person that I have become, and every time that I try to make something better in my life it ALWAYS backfires leaving me feeling worse than I did when I began.

I miss who I was as a child, heck even as a teenager, where I could feel something other than anger and sadness. I am almost 100% sure that this is a medical thing, but I do not know much about being a balanced empath and didn't know if what I am going through has the power to affect it or completely make it disappear?
Being an Empath is a form of clairsentience, or clear knowing, as there are two forms of it, the first is being / having Empathic ability, getting their emotional vibes and feeling it as if it was your own. The other is claircognizance, which is having the ability to understand and know what people and the supernatural are thinking on a logical level.

Something you need to understand, empathy and being empathic are two completely separate areas in your abilities. Empathic ability is what you pick up from the environment, the paranormal or other people. Empathy is the ability to recognize from the inside that someone or something needs help and you're willing to do what you can for said party.

There are people on this planet that have Cluster B (malignant/manipulative) personality disorders, that have little or no empathy but they can still be an empath. Is it a possibility you are losing your empathy due to your medicine? Sure, that can happen to anyone.

I suffered from dysthymia (chronic depression) for almost my entire life, it went on for decades starting when I was 8. If you're surrounded by negative energies, it's probably time you get healed in regards to all three bodies, not just the physical body. I would suggest Holy Fire Reiki, however, you can pick what ever modality you feel would work out for you. I have a healer that I can go to in person or have her work on me from a distance. If you're interested, I can send you a link to go visit her site read about her, the services she can provide.

Sometimes depression isn't caused by a medical issue, sometimes it's in astral or subtle energy realm problem that is affecting you, which in time can manifest in your physical body, thus also affecting your mood, which is biochemical in origin. The good thing about this is, if it's in the physical body, you can push back the problem or attack out of physical body, as well as the other two bodies, thus freeing yourself entirely.

Us psychics with different abilities look like snacks to negative paranormal spirits, entities and creatures. They try to get us to have the negative outcomes, which causes us to feel bad. That's what they feed on, negative outcomes and emotions which have low and very low vibrational energy.

At the very least, create a safe space, a sanctuary at home where you can be safe and not disturbed, grounding of your energy and meditation will help you immensely. I hope you will be okay going forward from here!

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