I messed up -- I need help

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Re: I messed up -- I need help

Post by Chavah »

In total agreement with Angelik. I also would be careful blaming anyone for what's has happened. Especially, if you are trying to reach out to Ash and Mag but you say that someone in CH should be fired for doing that to you. It's really sad what's had happened to you. There is a solution. Also, seek professional medical help. It'll be everything alright for you soon. Get yourself first checked out in the hospital.
Angelik wrote:
Wed Apr 21, 2021 5:41 am
My 2 cents, to minimize the risks of unintentionally opening portals you don't want to open and inviting beings from the lower astral planes, unless you are advanced in your spiritual path, that does not mean having psychic skills like clairaudience, but being able to maintain awareness in altered state of mind like deep sleep and mastering your subconscious mind, do not reach to the spirit world while intoxicated or using psychoactive substances. You are free to disagree with this tip of course.


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Re: I messed up -- I need help

Post by cairngorn »

I do agree about the medical help if you think you might need it, but by raising the question of marijuana use I was trying to cover bases, not write off your problems.

I also wouldn't dismiss the possibility of even an expert conjuror messing up.

I keep wanting to ask whether the thing possessing you might be a trickster pretending to be bigger and badder, but you have two angels and presumably those are good at identifying. You feel okay holding out until the capture stone arrives? If not you might want to contact some practitioner. Good luck and I'm sorry for sounding suspicious earlier.

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Re: I messed up -- I need help

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