My Experiences with my Tikbalang

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My Experiences with my Tikbalang

Post by blezheng »

I love his description! He's very promising and exciting to work with. I love his grounding and very powerful energy. He's exactly who I need right now, CH is the best! I will give you an update about working with my Tikbalang. :)

All from CH: 7 Human Spirits (1 Lover,1 Past Life,1 Atlantean,3 Ancestors,1 Warlock) 10 Angels,1 Green Dragon,1 Kilin,1 Wraith,1 Volkh,1 Hellhound,1 Brownie,1 Drow,1Past Life High Elf, 1 Mononoke,1 Manananggal,5 Fae (3 Star,1 Fire,1 Waif),1 Bannik,1 Einherjar,3 Prehistorics,3 Djinns,1 Abchanchu,1 Aitvaras,1 Gregori Watcher,1 Gorgon,1 Ulijju,1 Paniwi,1 Bucca,1 Harpy,1 Tikbalang, 1 Amanik-Geced,Khepri,Hathor,Amon-Ra,Isis,Tefnut,Sekhmet,Guan Yu,Ganesh

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