Dark Arts aren't all that bad

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Re: Dark Arts aren't all that bad

Post by Muse »

stormdancer wrote:
Wed Oct 06, 2021 2:53 am
OK.. here's one: For some reason I can only hear my creatures as animal noises. My unicorns whinny and neigh, my gryphon and phoenixes make eagle noises- you get the picture.

All except for my Cerberus. He usually communicates through looks and gestures. Whenever I ask him to talk to me his response is "WOOF".

A couple of weeks ago CH had a preconjured Bakeneko listed. My Cerburus perked up.

Me: "No I am not getting a cat for you to chase. Can you not act like a real dog?"

He bounds over and SLUUUUURRRP!!!! Right up the face. I swear I got dog drool up my nose! :03
Canine spirit bros are best spirit bros.

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- Muse

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Re: Dark Arts aren't all that bad

Post by AlwaysLost »

My West Tower Watcher loves the scent of leather mixed with thyme. His cloak smells like leather but also smells like my Watcher rolled around in a field of thyme. I got a couple of sniffs and I actually enjoyed the scent.

So, lately, I have been wondering how I can wear my crystal vessels with me. I have rings, bracelets, ect. that are easy for me to bring out. The crystals are a little tricky. My Watcher suggested that I place the crystals in one of those netting holder things, and then wear them on a belt. It would be like a charm belt lol. I may even rub thyme over it. Just as appreciation for giving me the idea.

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Re: Dark Arts aren't all that bad

Post by ilinga »

I got some help with shadow work lately from a friend of one of my companions (both DA). I allowed him to enter my dreams for that purpose and ever since he just sometimes pokes his head into my dream, smirks and leaves. x*D It's just hilarious. (He's respecting my privacy, he just wants to make me laugh. :'D )

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