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new here
new here
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Hi! Glad to see I'm not the only recent newbie to the forum. I did a bit of spirit keeping years ago, and would love to get back into it. I've already ordered two amazing bindings. I'm so excited!

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Magnolia wrote: ↑
Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:03 pm
I am just curious about what CH says to those folks who say "Prove it!" or "Where is your research?!" because those people really annoy me, but does that mean they do not deserve an answer?
At this point you can just look at the site. What more proof could you want? There's interactions with the thousands of members who've been here, who've lived this, who've discussed tens of thousands of topics here.

Whether it's proof or research there's more than half a million threads here and more than a thousand articles on the Encyclopedia. That's the tip of the iceberg for Ash & myself but publicly that's more than anyone else has gathered in a single spot.
Dear Mongolia and Ash,

Well, I am very new to spirit keeping. So new that I never even heard of it before that someone can actually have an angel deliberately charged with a person to protect...ect. Now, being a Christian for the last 25 years, and having all kind of spiritual attacks, made me think to change the game for good.

I am a prayer warrior and against all evil. Yet, periodically, time and again... My prayers gone unheard and get smashed with dark forces. I could not believe that how powerless is indeed a Christian is. We suppose to be put up with all the hurting and losses in the faith of better time once we pass over?!

To me spiritual assault is as real as angelic protection. Does not even depends on faith. It's a reality as such as black and white. But why would God let His little children suffer ill treatment, devilish assault and many losses when i know that God is Good. It's just didn't add up anymore.

So, long story short, after searching, praying, testing and trying out things i finally worked out some of my protection devices and angelic helpers. I could not be happier to found you both and your website.

I have purchased some amasing talismans, and they are from reputable precious metal workers who are very much learnt, exapt for one. But Mangolia and Ash, you know it by experience as well as wisdom and i feel you are very professionals. That is why I write this now, and give a little praise for your account as you do deserve a big thank you for your great work. I received my first order of my Browning's Angel 2 days ago. It's early to say much, but i feel a good happy presence, have my communications established, his happy nature coming through. Awesomeness and I feel protected. I am still waiting for 2 more angel, the Sterling and my Courtwind angels. I won't going to collect an army of angels. But probably one more later on i am thinking of a cherubim Michael. But not right now, as i would like to treasure my present guardians and get to known them well. Love you guys although done know you personally, and Nova did a wonderful job as well complete my order. So thank you. Let my feedback to you serve as other evidence that promote friendship and trust in the Creepy Hollow team. God bless you all.

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new here
new here
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Hi Magnolia! I was here when there were 4 members and then had some memory issues so I've not retained too much, but do have plenty of notes! I've developed my gifts way farther than expected, clairvoyant, medium, empath, I can read rooms and objects now, I can commute with some on the other side and I can talk to both of my guides! Back in those days were the best! Battles with another witch was all too fun. Oh, those were the days! I hope you and Ash are well and hope to speak to you guys again.
Wings of Silver

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