Magick Against International Conflict

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Re: Magick Against International Conflict

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I understand what you are conveying. Aside from things that involve physically going to these areas, there are things which, I personally believe, we can do to contribute to the betterment of the world. I believe that the collective consciousness of humans is a powerful thing, and when many individuals share the same intention and they focus their energy behind that intent and send it out, that real changes can happen. Of course this can be debated, but personally, this is my firm belief.

I see this as a larger scale of one who casts a spell or conjures a spirit. One person focusing their energy, their intentions on a particular spell or spirit - the changes that can result from this are very real. Any spirit keeper or recipient of a talisman can say this. I imagine this, but on a larger scale, with many people individually directing their energy and intent towards whatever the "goal" may be. Christians do this in their own way with collective prayer, like, when someone in their church is struggling or ill, they can put in a prayer request and the whole church will pray for that individual.

I also believe that personal, individual spiritual progress is better for the world as a whole. Every person you can inspire to the light of the unseen, to connect with their true self and the universe, makes this world a little better.

You could form a group, like on Facebook, for example, be it for WA or all practitioners or otherwise, in which the purpose of the group is to form a community of people who share the same wish for a more peaceful world. Once we are all able to freely meet again in person, you may be able to organize in person events using various outlets.

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