Serpentine Emporium

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Serpentine Emporium

Post by noahserpentine »

Hello all!

Name of Shop: Serpentine Emporium
Owners: Noah & Atlas Grayson
Shop website: Serpentine Emporium on Etsy
Social media: Serpentine Emporium on Facebook
CH Forum/Community/Social Media Usernames: noahserpentine or serpentineemporium

Length of time in business: About two months now!
Length of time practicing/learning: 7 years practicing healing/spellwork/divination, 4 years practicing conjuring
Credentials/referrals/reviews: We have shop reviews currently on our etsy shop! Otherwise, we have more information and reviews and direct customer interaction in our dis/cord server.

We're very proud to finally be sharing our store information with others. Run by myself and my partner in crime, fiancee and twin flame Atlas, we focus primarily on divination, healing/cleansing distance services, dressed candles, jewelry and spirit conjures. We are just two animal-loving psychics who want to bring a more intimate experience to spirit conjuring between the customer and the conjurer. We hold interactive services and interactive conjuring sessions with people in our server and are experimenting with many different methods of conjuring now that we have the resources and customer base. We are very proud of our conjure work and like to be as transparent as possible about our processes, methods and the tools of trade that we use. We have added a simple $5 conjure listing so that potential customers may try out our conjures without breaking the bank, and beginners can find spirits that are easy to bond with without having to sift through hundreds of listings.

We would be happy to answer any questions that anyone has, as well as sending copies of our FAQs/Policies via email if anyone needs them. Please feel free to email us at, direct messages are also welcome.

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Re: Serpentine Emporium

Post by aspook »

I just wanted to say that they run a great shop here. I enjoyed my reading and they have some cool offerings too.

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Re: Serpentine Emporium

Post by TrueGalacticPrince »

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <*

I'm always excited for a new shop to check out! I wish you much success.

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