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If you have a Website or a Marketplace Shop, introduce yourself in this area!
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Store Introduction

Post by Opelia Rendon »

Name of Shop: White Nothingness
Ownes: Ophelia Rendon
Shop website:
CH Forum/Community/Social Media Usernames: Ophelia Rendon

Length of time in business:
Just opened 2020

Length of time practicing/learning:
I have been learning since late 2015. I've done spell casting for my friends and family members for the last 2 years. I have not done any spirit conjuration, but perhaps in the future I will. I am a solitary practitioner, I enjoy using the elements and natural Crystals in my work. I have casted several pieces before, but I feel that I am ready to cast for the public.

Just an FYI, I have never in any capacity, worked magick for the public, until now.

I do not have any unfortunately. I have just barely opened my shop with the support of my spirit family. Do spirit guide reviews count? x*D seriously, nah.

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Literally so many spirits and entities now, even after I said I would not get anymore. But definitely under 200. May it stay that way :p)

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