Presentation of the store : Autumn Dragon

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Presentation of the store : Autumn Dragon

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Name of Shop: Autumn Dragon
Ownes: Qysyd
Shop website: Autumn Dragon
Social media: Instagram -> @autumn.drago
Length of time in business: 4 years
Length of time practicing/learning: 2 years
CH Forum/Community/Social Media Usernames:
Credentials/referrals/reviews: Some customers leave reviews on my products, those are visible on the website.

Dragons have an important role in the Japanese mythology and folklore. Many temples and shrines ⛩️ have been built to honor them throughout Japan.

These powerful creatures are the subject of many tales and legends, some of which we will narrate below by having a look at 7 of the most famous Japanese dragons.

We are an online store dedicated to Dragons. Our products are inspired by history, mythology, which traces years of sometimes lost cultures. Each of our products is first imagined and inspired by the relics of yesteryear. Autumn Dragon's goal is to satisfy all Dragon Fans.

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Re: Presentation of the store : Autumn Dragon

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1. Please apply for buyer/seller account or seller account by emailing

2. What is your CH old account's name?

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