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If you have a Website or a Marketplace Shop, introduce yourself in this area!
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Eclipse Metaphysical

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Name of Shop:
Eclipse Metaphysical


Shop website:

Social media: ... lassifieds ... lassifieds ... lassifieds ... lassifieds

CH Forum/Community/Social Media Usernames:

Length of time in business:
Since 2007 (13 years in business this year)

Length of time practicing/learning:
12 years professionally with Eclipse Metaphysical, before that only sporadically professionally.
I have studied and practiced since I was around 12 or so. From 16-21 years old I did 3-4 hours of dedicated practice of Magic and Psionics almost every day, since then I've lowered the hours per day.
I've spent considerable time responsible for the psychic and magical protection of beginners and intermediate practitioners with the Psion Guild, teaching magic and psionics one-on-one and groups over the internet, writing articles, and researching/testing.

"they arrived and have been amazing already driving out troublesome unbounds and could sense their energy from the start." -StevenX

"I get fantastic interaction with my Eclipse Metaphysical guardians and other items work very well." - Lewk

Those were posted to this forum, and there are plenty more. We also have over 2000 reviews on eBay from before they stopped allowing metaphysical sellers.

Eclipse Metaphysical - Guardian Servitors and amulets
Real magick, real psionics, no hype.

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Re: Eclipse Metaphysical

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