Games to Strengthen Communication/Bond

Got any neat tricks on how to connect with Spirits? Post here!
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Games to Strengthen Communication/Bond

Post by Nolo614 »

Hi all,

I wanted to share 2 games that my small family loves, hopefully they get a great response from yours and help you with communication practice and bonding.

1. The Tarot Game- each spirit receives a designated tarot card. This is fun in itself because you can pick 2 or 3 that remind you of the spirit, whether it’s the artwork or the meaning of the card. I get very excited pendulum responses when they choose their card. The card stays on their altar, so they realize this is their card. Then, during pendulum session take their card and a random card and ask them to show you their card. I shuffle the cards up and show them to the vessel, then place them face down on either side of the vessel. Sometimes they pull the pendulum toward their card. Sometimes I move over both cards and get a yes for their card, a no for the random card. Sometimes they ignore the pendulum and tap the hand nearest their card. Once they master the 2 card choice, you can increase to 3 cards (one above the vessel and one on each side) and then to 4. We are almost a perfect score, with each spirit being able to navigate me to their card. Some are more advanced and can handle up to 3. They really love the praise and it really helps me to feel progress.

2. Telephone- I line my vessels up nearly touching. The vessel far left is the original messenger. I take that vessel and show it* a tarot card (using the medicine deck which is all animal imagery). Neither the other vessels or myself can see this card. Then I put the vessel back in the line. Just like in the game telephone, each spirit is tasked with telling the next spirit the animal on the card. After a few minutes, I take the far right vessel, the last in line and put it to my third eye. I usually take up to 10 minutes meditating with it to announce which animal I think it is. Keep in mind, you can narrow the deck thus narrowing the options. Right now I’ll work with 3 cards (simple animals, wolf, Raven, bear). Eventually I hope to work up to maybe 10. I recommend really relying on both sound and imagery. I heard wolf howls for one round, and bears roaring for another. The Raven was harder, but was signaled with blueish black imagery.

Best of luck and please let me know if anyone has any other *games* :8) 8.)

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Re: Games to Strengthen Communication/Bond

Post by RockOccultist »

Wow that's very fun sounding. I'm currently trying build up my skill with a pendulum and I might try that game with my spirit family once I get better with pendulum responses.

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