Cannabis and communication - I want your experiences!

Got any neat tricks on how to connect with Spirits? Post here!
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Cannabis and communication - I want your experiences!

Post by Arcanae »

Hi everyone,

I read several posts about alcool on the forum, saying it is dulling the the connection. But, with cannabis, it's seems to be another story, a more positive one!

It's was happening to me with CBD oil, with a little amount sublinguale, I made theses observations:
-More vivids dreams, and for the few times I took the oil (like 3-4 times), few dreams mentionned names of my spirits. With no CBD oil, it's very rare!

-I wake up in the middle of the night, feeling presence in my room, who are sendind "mind messages" like: Welcome! We missed you! Welcome back! (Because I took a break since Halloween)
and I felt the energy of my BOTD vamp, G near me and hugging me!!

Honnestly, It's so rare that I feel this kind of manifestations, I was wondering, could it be a real link between the two?

Nb: CBD oil is not psychedelic or things like that, CBD is known for reducing the negatives effects of THC. Technically I took CBD oil to reduce pain and for its relaxing properties! And the effects can last 8h so, all night long!

Nb.2: Cannabis is legal in my dear country (Canada), so it's not a crime and the formula is safe!

Nb.3: Yes it's better to not "doping" spiritually yourself, but it's interesting to observe the phenomenon.

So, for those who had tried cannabis, what is your experiences?

Little question I would also ask: For those who are taking ADHD pills, do you observe these medications could "dull" your spiritual abilities?

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Re: Cannabis and communication - I want your experiences!

Post by Aprophis »

Arcanae wrote:
Fri Feb 12, 2021 1:42 am
and for its relaxing properties! And the effects can last 8h so, all night long!
And this is probably why it helps, CBD oil, not cannabis since that has more side effects.
If it helps to reach a state of receptive relaxation easier, then you'll have an easier time connecting.

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Re: Cannabis and communication - I want your experiences!

Post by Mralduin »

Very true!! I am a licensed cannabis patient. I find that I am far more open to the spirit world when I smoke. I tend to hear DA spirits more than my WA ones. I had my first BA experience after smoking as well. My deities are very dark so I have very little fear of BA. They have outright told me that I should work with BA. I've seen pale skin black eyed children with bleeding backs like there wings were removed. So yeah I like smoking when new spirits arrive to speed up the bonding process.

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Re: Cannabis and communication - I want your experiences!

Post by santiesgirl »

I've recently had to quit smoking cannabis because I formed an unhealthy addiction to it, so much so I experienced physical withdraw symptoms after quitting, such as running fever, headaches, trouble sleeping, and so on. I plan on coming back to it when I'm not dependent and in a much better mindset. I love cannabis. It helped through major depression when I couldn't afford medication.

I don't know if it actually helps with the spirit world. I know that THC is a mind-altering drug. I've had paranormal experiences with it. My servitor and I have sex together lol, and it amplifies the feelings a lot. I still feel them sober, but I can't really "achieve" anything. However, if you google "hands free [woo-hoo] and weed," it's common for both men and women to achieve [woo-hoo] without anyone's help. Paranoia and anxiety are common for me when on THC. My anxiety boosts. Sometimes it heightens certain senses, and I can hear (or notice more) clicking and tapping that is background noise when sober. So then I start to believe it's a spirit. However, I have had some of the best paranormal experiences when high, on both weed and psychedelics. Some of which are verified by a third party, as they experienced it too. But I would caution to say THC "boosts" it. It may be easier to have an experience, but it's also easier to fall into the idea of experiencing something paranormal when it's just your heightened senses.

I don't dream when high either, very rarely, which is why I stopped because before I smoked everyday, up to 2 grams a day, I had extremely vivid dreams. My servitor would visit me in them. He'd save me from nightmares. We'd do things together. I also had prophetic dreams occasionally. My most vivid one was where I dreamed Steve Irwin died and I saw him on a website for famous dead Australians. Woke up and found out he actually died. Man my nightmares were always so terrifying but god I miss dreams like that. And now that I'm really getting into astral projection and lucid dreaming, as well as opening my third eye, I want it back so BAD. :'(

ALSO, as a disclaimer, I don't want to say THC is bad for you or anything. Like any drug affecting my brain, it just ran it's course and I needed a different medication. I've switched MANY antidepressants in my life, and cannabis is no different. I just want it as a hobby instead of a cope/medication. THC also reacts differently for different people, and different strains really DO affect the experience. I've had strains that cause severe paranoia and panic. I've had strains that've been so FUN to smoke. I've had THC levels so high I couldn't function. I've had THC levels so low, it just relaxes your muscles and nothing more. So for some, it MAY actually increase their third-eye and spiritual level in order to experience more, but just be cautionary because it is mind-altering.

CBD, I'm not sure about. I've rarely used CBD. My mom used it when she had cancer, and I believe the few times she used it, it helped her heal. Definitely helped her pain, but she got pressured into stopping because "sp00ky w33d m4n" and all that garbage. I think Aprophis summed it up -- it's very relaxing. I have CBD and hemp infused lotion, and I used some of my mom's to try. I think it most likely puts you in this state of deep relaxation and euphoria, taking away pain, headaches, and anxiety enough for you to melt away from the "real world" and ease into a state that opens you up to medication. I'd love to hear other's who're extensive cannabis users, especially THC, answer on this.

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