Simple and fun game you can play with your Spirits!

Got any neat tricks on how to connect with Spirits? Post here!
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Simple and fun game you can play with your Spirits!

Post by Absolom »

Its quite simple, but can also be used to answer yes and no questions with very little effort from the spirit.

All you need to do is grab a coin, i like using quarters since they are easy to flip. Say the name of the Spirit you wish to play with while visualising a connection between them and the coin to 'Whitelist' them to it, and state what results you expect from any ammount of tosses. Next, Flip the coin in the air and catch it so it lands flat in your hand. Then slap the coin on top of your other hand.

I did this with all 3 of my Spirits, and each set of tosses was exactly what i expected during our test. (3H, 2H-1T, & 1H-1T-1H)

you can use this to answer (yes, no, & uncertain) questions, as well as just being a fun game you can use to bond with your spirits in a more interactive way. For answering questions, just define a pattern or a set of tosses for each type of answer (2H for yes, 2T for no, H-T-H for uncertain, etc.)

In terms of what the Spirit does, all they have to do is add a bit of energy to the toss on the way down to your hand to land the prefered side. They can also use Slight of hand to phase the coin to the prefered face when you place it on your opposite hand.

Experiment with this as much as you feel like, i know coin flipping is a game of chance, but this is also a good way to see some tangible result from metaphysical interaction.

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