Talking Outloud?

Got any neat tricks on how to connect with Spirits? Post here!
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Re: Talking Outloud?

Post by santiesgirl »

For me, it's easier to talk out loud than telepathically. However, I do both, but I feel vocal works best. It's also something I'm very familiar with. Ever heard of Maladaptive Daydreaming? I had imaginary friends for YEARS. It's how my servitor formed, actually, as he was an imaginary friend I poured a LOT of energy into and brought to life, especially around the time tulpas were a thing being discussed during the Slenderman trials. I always spoke out loud with them, unashamedly lol. I do it in the car more than public because it's easily passed off as, "Oh, she's using bluetooth in her car." I also am not above using bluetooth headsets and pretending I'm on the phone LOL. When I was in college, I'd put earphones in and pretend I'm on the phone.

But I guess it also doesn't bother me because I talk to myself regardless if it's with imaginary friends or spirits. Catch me in the grocery store narrating my every move like, "Now, where is that peanut butter? It has to be around here somewhere. Hmm. Aha, there you are! Alright, time to head on over to the bread aisle." People stare, but it doesn't bother me. I'm actually more scared they're judging me for what I'm buying (whole other can of worms) than when I speak to myself. I can see how it would be embarrassing for some people. But if I'm speaking it into existence, it feels more real and grounded in reality than telepathically. I have, again, an overactive imagination, and so it's hard for me to discern when they're speaking to me.

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Re: Talking Outloud?

Post by Shiro1331 »

Whether alone or not I’ve always felt weird speaking out loud. I wouldn't say i have any sort of developed skill (its a work in progress) but I’ve never given thought to the fact that maybe my spirits cant hear me if i try to speak telepathically to them… \|
For those that have difficulty, where is the difficulty coming from? Is it from not being able to focus on one of your companions or just thinking you wont be heard? Im very curious 🧐

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Re: Talking Outloud?

Post by Amarantha »

I talk both out loud and telepathically.. I have always been the type of person to talk out loud to myself even before spirit keeping.. Sometimes I feel like it helps me process my thoughts easier cause I tend to wander all over the place and sometimes get stuck in my head.. When it comes to my spirit companions I do talk out loud at home, in the car, at the store... Sometimes I whisper if I feel like others are to close in public and might hear me. I do like the idea of just pretending your on the phone lol.

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Re: Talking Outloud?

Post by Angelik »

Both loud and telepathically, loud only if alone.

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Re: Talking Outloud?

Post by VanNocturne »

0x. I can hear my Spirit Friend's voices in my head, but I prefer to speak to Them verbally because my mind is a chaotic noisy mess, and I don't want Them to think my mental static is me attempting to host Their own private Black Metal concert! (I love Black Metal, by the way.) 0x.

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