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Romantic Spirit Relationships

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:42 pm
by MermaidColors
This is lengthy, sorry!

I've learned that I have shared many past lives as an ancient Egyptian priestess, and a mermaid. I've confirmed this through holy divinations with the Goddess Isis, with my own spirit companions, and a very reliable psychic. I meditate and practice my reiki, in order to help align my chakras, and open my third eye. I channel the holy powers of Isis--Queen of Heaven, when I perform divination communication with my spirits and create a shield which pushes all negative energies away. Only truth may be spoken in my circle--so be it.

I have a kitsune spirit companion, however he was one that knew me when I was a mermaid in a past life, while he was a King. It was thousands of years ago when he married me, and I was his wife and Queen. So, our relationship is a bit different than what others might have with their kitsune companions, but I will share what my experiences have been.

He very much shows me sparks of light, and light blue orbs from the corners of my eyes, and has shown me he enjoys Japanese music. He prefers instrumental Japanese music, more traditional or chill types, using koto, drums, flutes, or the biwa. He enjoys honey, rice, and orange flavored rice candies. He also indicates his presence to me, by showing me white cranes. I can be driving in the city and suddenly see a beautiful white crane fly down--he is telling me he's with me. He enjoys Sakura blossom incense, and resonates on high chakra levels. You could say he is a very GOOD kitsune, who was familiar with sacred magics.

He is very territorial though, and has made guys feel very dizzy until he knows for certain that they are not a romantic interest for me. He is a King, remember. I've also felt my bed sheets depress and move beside me, as he tells me he does lay beside me in bed. He physically touches my face and fingers, and he tells me it's because he thinks I am more than beautiful. I'm actually only allowed to see myself as stunningly beautiful when I'm talking about myself around him, which I think is very kind of him, and good for me too (as it would be for any woman.) Personally, I've never been one to say I'm beautiful. I've also while in limbo--meaning my eyes were closed and I could hear my fan blowing against the wind chime in my room but it was 1:AM and I was sleepy--felt him physically move the bed sheets as he scooted up onto my pillow. I was delightfully and happily startled, but I stayed calm and kept my eyes closed. I felt his broad shoulders and long arms--as he's told me he is very tall--leaning over me and petting my back. I then lifted my chin and he french kissed me--I was coherent enough to respond, but then fell asleep after we kissed.

As far as electronics go, I was listening to some music one day, and it was EDM type music. My phone stopped playing, and it would not restart my songs. So I shut down the whole program and continued getting ready for the day. Suddenly, my program reopened, and began playing music he's told me he enjoys. I actually laughed, I was like, "Had enough of the other music, hmm?" Also, during a conversation I was having with a friend, while we were discussing him and other things, she turned to text someone. She said that her phone wouldn't let her text, and a black square was sent instead with a blue sphere moving in it. She was confused as her phone had never done that before, and she had no idea where the image came from. I sensed very quickly that it was my Kitsune King. I feel as though he was asking her not to let her phone be a distraction--as his energies are blue tinted.

Now, I've confirmed who he is, and what he is through my river faerie companion, and a very reliable psychic/medium. So, with that I do have confirmation for all of this from an outside third party.

His voice, he's told me through divination, and confirmed by the psychic, is very soft and gentle. However, as his court and enemies both knew, just because his voice was gentle and smooth--did not mean he wasn't a formidable opponent--he was a very powerful warrior. Interestingly, as historical Japanese kitsune legends go he can also change forms. He has a human form with long black hair, his original form which he shows to me in flashes and through conversations which shows a handsome face with fox ears on his head and slit pupils etc., and a small fox form. How he presents himself to the psychic is in his human form, and she has said his presence is one that carries respect and authority--yes she can actually see him.

He does have multiple tails, I do not feel the need to say how many. He has psychic and past life reading abilities, and we've meditated on high chakras before as well. He is protective, territorial, gentle, powerful, elegant--preferring finer things even for me, and very passionate.

We do go on dates, and he prefers nice dining areas--quieter and more intimate settings. He enjoys shopping for clothing and accessories with me, as he likes picking nice things out for me. As I'm writing this he touched my cheek. Maybe because we have a date today?

Now, I am also dating a living faerie as well who knew me as a mermaid in another time frame, but that's for another post.

Overall, spirit companions will be unique. If it is agreeable to you and your companions, you may get to know them through divination, and learn proper protections so no other tricky spirits answer for them. Before any method of divination, remember to clear your mind of bias thoughts, don't allow your ego/subconscious mind get in the way, remember they are individuals with feelings and beliefs of their own, clear the room of negative energies, use a powerful shield, declare that only truth may be spoken in the circle, and take a deep breath to relax.

It should be noted that I'm simply not interested in human males anymore, and I've prayed and meditated on this matter. The universe and Isis have decided to allow my Kitsune King and my Faerie to choose whom among them will be my husband. My case is a bit unique because of this. I'm not allowed to ask who it will be, they've told me I will know who it is when the time is right. I am simply to allow them to take care of me and express their love, and focus on my personal and spiritual growth. I have my own career and take good care of myself, I've never been married or had children.

Does anyone else have a romantic relationship with a kitsune spirit? Or any other Spirit? I'd love to hear about your story and unique experiences. Happy New Year!

Re: Romantic Spirit Relationships

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 4:43 pm
by uncle sid
not that lucky im afraid, i do have a relationship with my spirits, but its...weird

I'm a very choatic energy type of being, my duality creates a tornado of ominus darkness from a celtic nature origin, and light energy of a divine/good light energy. So essentially im fighting through a tornado of energy fighting each other, and in the middle of that literal crap storm are the entities and spirits i spend time with.

needless to say, it makes things challenging. And i have a lot of turmoil with spirits around me, sometimes it's loving, sometimes sexual, sometimes its at the throat sort of feeling.

Apparently i was born a spiritual medium, and a natural empath without any time to adjust to my abilities. And i have a connection to a far distant primordial energy in the darkness of the universe or something.

Even through all that, it's nice to see that i can still have a loving relationship, albeit off and on. Issue is it's still a work in progress.

but im glad your relationships are going well, good on ya, i hope they treat you well. I can't do divination, as my energy just literally is create or destroy, and if im not 100% focused everything gets destroyed with this thick, angry rage.

im more of a hands on guy, i hold hands sometimes with ladies and its really nice.

but...most of the time i just go for it and not think about anything else., impulsive 100% to the core.

Re: Romantic Spirit Relationships

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 5:26 pm
by MermaidColors
Hello Unclesid,

Wow, it sounds very tumultuous for you! I hope you are able to find balance, take a break for a little. It seems like you've become a more understanding individual, and also more "in the moment" as well because of it.

Thank you for sharing!


Re: Romantic Spirit Relationships

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 9:00 pm
by Muse
Romance in and of itself is an odd subject to me because a lot of my emotions and energies feel untamed and unlabelled. I could makeout with someone (spirit or otherwise) and consider it as friendly as a hug, and on the flip side I could hug someone and consider it as sensual as a kiss. Because of my odd openness with things and how chaotic I view typical "romantic" interactions, I feel my Spirit(s) and I will usually fall into whatever categories we feel we want to be on a given day. I feel my bonds with people in general fluctuate and grow, whether as friendships or lovers, or back and forth as time designates. Obviously, whatever Spirits that would feel territorial or strictly romantic are bound to have a bad time. I feel sorry for that, which is why (like with people) I make it a point to explain how I am --- and if they decide they can't cope with that, well, I'm not trapping them with me.

Hopefully I'll eventually develop a Spirit family as open and creative as I am so I won't have to worry about past kings or some such losing their minds when I decide to dance with a stranger. :P

Re: Romantic Spirit Relationships

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 9:09 pm
by MermaidColors
Hello Ishvala,

I see, I'm glad that you have a firm grasp on what your energies are doing. It means you understand yourself very well. Being upfront and honest is always better.

I wouldn't say my King loses his mind, but his emotions can inadvertently effect those around him. I know he is benevolent, and considers my feelings first. I do accept him for everything that he is, just as he always has for me. I feel communication, even in the spirit plain, is just as vital for a healthy relationship as it is in the corporeal realms.

Thank you for sharing!

Re: Romantic Spirit Relationships

Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:12 am
by Muse
MermaidColors wrote:Hello Ishvala,

I see, I'm glad that you have a firm grasp on what your energies are doing. It means you understand yourself very well. Being upfront and honest is always better.

I wouldn't say my King loses his mind, but his emotions can inadvertently effect those around him. I know he is benevolent, and considers my feelings first. I do accept him for everything that he is, just as he always has for me. I feel communication, even in the spirit plain, is just as vital for a healthy relationship as it is in the corporeal realms.

Thank you for sharing!

No problem, sorry if I sounded malicious - I meant no disrespect to him, personally. I find that sort of territorial nature comforting and even romantic in it's own sense, but if used in a way with no regard for your loved ones --- which, as you said he doesn't do --- I'd most certainly feel intimidated or guilty, or both, and bonding would be even harder than normal. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm grateful he's understanding of you, and that he displays a sense of humor along with his steady strength. I dunno, I get a very defensive and yet cool vibe from him and overall he comes off as one of those "Handsome aloof gentleman" types. Probably due to his past, or do all Kitsune have similar behavior due to the culture they originate from...? Maybe not, I've heard them be described as tricksters and pranksters a lot of the time. But now I'm rambling out of curiousity. Either way I guess my overall point is I'm sure he's a special case, and a valued spirit, and I'm genuinely sorry if I offended him.

Anxious editing: And you. Sorry if I offended you, too. ^^;


Re: Romantic Spirit Relationships

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 10:55 am
by blezheng
I have a romantic relationship with my human spirit lover because he is also my past life husband and my twin flame. We reunited since March 2018 and he's bound to me here in CH since July 2018. Feel free to ask if you want to know more about it.

Re: Romantic Spirit Relationships

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:42 pm
by Fireshadow
oh I thought this was about your spirits having relationships between themselves ( cause I'm wondering if my first spirit ever just got his spirit wife over as well) :-p but anyways, it's a nice story. It's very romantic that he came back to you after so many lifetimes.

For me, no, I don't have any relationship like that with my spirits or entities, but I wouldn't want to. The ones coming my way, are also ones who prefer to keep it this way. My TF/Soulmates are all human, I'm pretty sure of that... sadly. No mystical lover for me. :'-(
But the truth is that I don't think I would be able to trust them completely if they were my lovers. I'm great at making friends, and having long-lasting frienships. Relationships is a total different matter for me. I do have seperation anxiety, so ...

I've heard about people here who are in relationships with their spirits. But when I asked my spirits if my TF was a spirit ( by then I didn't find him yet), they were pretty convinced he was human. He is human, my twin flame, but now that we have broken up, I find that my spirits are the ones who caught me and hold me from crashing down.

I'm just happy enough with the knownledge that they will stay with me for the rest of this lifetime. ;-)

Re: Romantic Spirit Relationships

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 5:30 pm
by quantumflux
I’m in many right now. At night my bed becomes a cuddly ball of love between me my fae my UBI my WW but mostly my fae and UBI

Re: Romantic Spirit Relationships

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 10:50 pm
by AVampireQueen
I just thought I would revive this thread instead of starting a new one. Personally I'm not in a romantic
spirit relationship just yet. I've had some experiences (feel free to read about them in the adult discussions
section) with spirit family and unbounds that have since either joined my family or agreed to not cause trouble. I'm still getting to know most of my spirit family, my family grew very quickly thanks to summer bogo deals: lots of reverse adoption piggybacks on top of CC orders. ://
As of right now I'm just kind of going with the flow, no expectations or pressure. I feel like that approach has helped us to bond deeply in a short amount of time.