Movies or television with spirits?

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Re: Movies or television with spirits?

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I think a lot of my spirits actually enjoy movies that I watch. We were watching one of the movies from the Aliens franchise, Prometheus, and it had this particular nasty seen where one of the main protagonist had to go through a conscious c-section to get an alien fetus out of her body. I do not know how accurate my vision was, but my spirits were really squirming during that scene as the protagonist was screaming to be let out of the surgery pod as alien fetus was wriggling about, haha.

Despite these reactions, I do find them memorable. I think its because most spirits who aren't acquainted with our time, didn't have any form of cinema, and its really amazing seeing their reactions just seeing stuff on screen alongside the amazing storyline and CGI that comes along with it that feels like an alternative reality in our own living room.

I really do like Likes2Read's comment as spirits really are fascinated by our own technology and the way we do things. In fact, I think it actually makes life feel renewed or exciting again, through their eyes, rather than mine alone.

I also love bringing them to the cinema, as it hosts a lot of seats available for them to sit in, in addition to the ear-deafening theatre speakers that excites them too. I do plan on bringing them to see the movie Dune when it comes out, as I think the story will actually interest most of them I believe.

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Re: Movies or television with spirits?

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Thu Nov 18, 2010 4:01 pm
Another interesting thing to ask is what are there views on video games you like playing, do they enjoy watching you play final fantasy games, or maybe seeing you play grand theft auto games, or maybe resident evil games. ^.^

As for my spirits they don't like shows like The Haunted, I kinda like it, but my spirits feel they over hype it to much and give spirits and demons and ghost, etc a bad name, simply because of the people on there over react and all that on there simply from the lack of understanding the unknown, that some episodes are bit to scary for some of them.
My Kitsune has been watching me play NEO The World Ends With You lately. It's set in Shibuya, Japan. She wonders of it's actually close to accurate to how that area actually looks now, it's been many years since she's been in Japan and it would certainly be a big change of that was so. There wasn't a big city or monitors on tall buildings when she was last there, of course that was centuries ago

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Re: Movies or television with spirits?

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It's an interesting experience when I watch movies with my keep. More often than not, we end up in a big 'puppy pile,' with my werewolf stretched out behind me, my Adhene either leaning against me in front or stretched out in front of me. My Butterfly Faery is usually on my shoulder and everyone else just piles in where they can and will, except for the Stegosaur. He does as a Dino will, usually by wandering around the yard and nibbling on the bittersweet. πŸ˜„

I've found that there are some divergent tastes among those who really like watching the movies. My werewolf likes movies like O Brother, Where Art Thou? (which seems to fit right in with some of his musical tastes.) I'm hoping he'll like other Coen Brothers movies as well. He does not share my love of goofy movies like Earth Girls Are Easy, although he does occasionally like MST3K. lol

My Adhene seems to be really curious about different kinds of movies and sometimes she asks me to explain some of the backstory or what some of the gadgets are, especially in the Sci-Fi movies. Then, more often than not, she gets so absorbed, she forgets to ask anything else.

I'm still learning what my Butterfly Faery likes. Over the Labor Day weekend, we had an impromptu Star Trek marathon, with VII, VIII and IX. (Seven was the change over from The original crew (Kirk) to the next gen (Picard.)) Everyone seemed to like the first two and faded out during the third one. At this moment, I couldn't even tell you what that one was about. lol

Ironically, we like watching ghost hunting shows and horror movies too. Sometimes, we get absorbed in them and sometimes we like to have our own version of MST3K. πŸ˜„

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Re: Movies or television with spirits?

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Usually if the tv is on its basically just background noise while I am doing something else. However, when I do actually sit or lay down to watch something I prefer to watch horror movies and true crime shows or documentaries.. My spirits seem to enjoy cuddling up with me during relaxing tv time.
Something that I would not normally watch but they really like is the Masked Singer..

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