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Pendulum Experience

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 2:03 am
by WarlockDesolate
Last year, I went to a shop filled with awesome stuffs like pendants, rock orbs, gemstones, etc. I bought a quartz pendulum that looked pretty cool. I tested my pendulum to communicate with my spirits and entities but it went to a failure. I was shivering and it wasn't swinging big time like what I thought it would be in YouTube.

Recently, I began working with it again. This time, I asked my spirits and entities to swing the direction to where my CH wand is hiding. I was calm and not shaky like before. The result... was it continously swirling around and around for 5 minutes. Until, it swing in a straight line. I thought it was going in the wrong direction, until I notice it went to the right direction.

Crazy stuff. Well, I think I gotta work again with my pendulum and pendulum board.

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Re: Pendulum Experience

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:16 am
by pacslim
cool experience that you had! Cool to read too ty for sharing, know as with all magickal and spiritual and actually all works/things you do: pratice makes perfect (actually they say doing something for a period of 2 years makes you an expert on this topic/subject/work/activity..) If you want any advise you can ask me, i am well experienced with pendulums and how (to/they) work best and can freely share in pm or here public many tips/tricks and more.. <3 ps: since your post (here) is a little while ago let me also know ( if you want to ;) how your pendulum /pendel works/activity going atm, i am very curious