Get Started Communicating NOW With Your Spirits!

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Re: Get Started Communicating NOW With Your Spirits!

Post by Darkstone5673 »

I tried the black/red version of the OP. I just purchased the CH custom spirits the other night, so I don't have any bound spirits, yet. Instead, I'm using this method to hone my intuition.

First time, I got 28 correct/24 wrong. I tried closing my eyes and imagining the color of the card suit after placing my fingers on top of the card.

Second time, I got 26 correct/26 wrong. This time I closed my eyes and turned the card towards me. Then, I imagine what card it is before thinking red or black. I would second guess my initial answer and get it wrong.

The next time I try, I'm gonna try my preferred method of getting the correct answer. I'll ask if the card is red. Then, I'll ask if it's black. I'll ask between the two and see how my chest feels. Normally, if the answer is wrong, I'll get a heaviness in my chest. When it's the correct answer, that heaviness lifts and feels light again. I'll play this game throughout the day and hope for the best!

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