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Post by fyrelite »

I love using the pendulum and spirit board to talk to my Hippogriff, as well as my Divine Angel entity. It is their chosen methods and its very easy to tell them apart as my Hippogriff is very witty, while my Divine Angel is very wise and motherly (hard to describe the differences... though my Divine Angel usually introduces herself like saying Hi (my name), its (her name)" I don't know how to describe it.

Anyway, the last few times that I have talked to them, especially my Divine Angel, I noticed that my hand that is holding the pendulum gets very warm. Like somebody is breathing warm air all over it as it moves. At first I thought it was just a coincidence but as soon as I put the pendulum down, it goes away.

Anyone else get this when they use their pendulum to communicate? I've been speaking to my spirits for years now this way and never noticed it before. Its fun to, even now, discover new things like this even after I have been connected to them for many years now. <3

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Re: Pendulums

Post by Barcarana »


That`s a great experience you had - thanks for sharing :)
I can imagine you sitting with your pendulum and a spirit companion sits besides you also holding the same pendulum to speak through it to you :) (Would make a fantastic oil painting fit for the Louvre)

The way i see a pendulum work is that it connects to your "inner child" - the part of you that always can see the aura, spirits, energies and so on - and the pendulum helps it to give the information out to your "middle self" - the one you are during the day usually :)

So there could be a conversation between your spirit companions and your inner child and you get the information through the pendulum!

I just lost my pendulum - well its probably on it`s way to some new adventures - and i ll get one from CH with the pendulum "enhancements" - so i cant wait to see the differences!

Anyway, thanks for sharing your adventures! Keep us posted!

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