[Exclusive Haunted Dolls Series] Vintage Doll with Pre-Conjured Demonic

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[Exclusive Haunted Dolls Series] Vintage Doll with Pre-Conjured Demonic

Post by Phantom_of_the_arts »

Hello everyone!

Today we are offering you all the first of our limited series of "Haunted Dolls" where we are using dolls as the vessel. This is a limited series that we are primarily going to be doing until Halloween Night. After then, we do not have plans to continue the Haunted Doll Series at this time. The dolls we use as vessels are typically vintage to our knowledge unless otherwise stated.

What we are offering is a vintage doll that also has a working wind-up music box within itself. Attached to this is a Demonic that is rather fond of this doll and who has exceptional talents to aid their companion involving the spiritual realm.

You can find her listing here: https://darkkingdommagickals.storenvy.c ... ured-demon

Also, we would like to say that Son of Lord Beelzebub O has yet to choose his companion. He has made it clear that he will call to the one he desires, so if you feel you are being called or pulled to him please let us know and we can set up a visit!

You can find his listing here: https://darkkingdommagickals.storenvy.c ... eelzebub-o

We hope you are all having a safe and blessed journey


"Never wait for Black Roses to turn Red again"

My Shop Link: http://darkkingdommagickals.storenvy.com/

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