Huge Samhain Sale...Tons of Giveaways,Freebies and Contests

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Huge Samhain Sale...Tons of Giveaways,Freebies and Contests

Post by hardcorebt79 »

Good Evening or Morning to everyone,

I wanted to take this wonderful opportunity to let everyone know about the New and wonderful things going on in the shop at this time. I am working double time to bring you guys and ladies some awesome new Custom conjures in the shop as well as will be bringing you lots of Pre-Conjures that you will definitely want to have. I have been working hard this time of year because I love to do spirit work in the month of October as of course my favorite holiday is Samhain. Its the day all of the Spirits of all realms are welcome to roam the earth and the veil of the spirit,astral and earthen realms are at their thinnest. For this wonderful month of October I will be celebrating like never before and wish to share int he fun with all of you. I will be doing tons of giveaways for this month which can include some amazing and one of a kind prizes. As most of you may or may not know I am starting a sister/companion shop to that will be dedicated to the making of my own custom made laser designed boards I am branding Shadow Board. The site is still a work in progress and I am working on getting a lot of ultimate designed Boards put on there so you all can check them out and place an order for a good one. I am working on putting some ultra premium designed ones that I must say in the only way I can is that they will be simply Badass....for example I have one on there that has a theme of the underworld with the famous Cerebus and will have a skull planchette to go with it. So with that being said I am also celebrating the birth of my new shop along with Halloween by offering 10% any custom board orders on the Shadow Board shop which is that is $100 or over and also for the Pagan Shop all Customs including new ones added as well as any Pre-Conjures will only be $15 dollars. In addition to the freebie Spirit for any order over $50 dollars their will also be tons of giveaways that will be happening. Prizes will include E-gift Cards to the shop, Free Spirit Boards,Free Deluxe Charging boxes, Incense Gift Sets and many unique giveaways. All you have to do to be eligible to win one of these awesome prizes is simply place a Spirit order for $15.00 or more and you will recieve an entry. So be sure to place as many orders as possible to maximize your chances. Also keep check on the pre-conjure listings as new ones will be added daily. I do have some outstanding custom orders that are out there and will be working on them for you all. I appreciate your patience during this fun,but busy time and will look forward to seeing you on the shop as well as on the new board shop as well... Also, wanted to say if you visit the board shop and dont see any you like at this time;.....stay tuned as I will be adding abotu 11 or 12 new Ultra Premium Boards on there in the next week or so...For example for those of you that love Norse themed items the next one coming will be for you :)

P.S All new listings in the shop will be in Custom Were Creatures and the Exclusive Categories as well as the new Vampire listing so check them out you will want one of these new species... Also stay tuned as I will be doing a limited number of Samhain Conjures as well.....

Sincerely Billy Bladez

Owner and Operator

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