Do it yourself with invocations, conjurations, and summons of spirits.
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Hello all. I am wondering if anyone has a non-binding invocation for angels that I can use. I will probably be buying the conjurations for one or more Courtwind Angels in the future. I need some serious protection spirits as I am planning on astral travelling soon. Buuuuut... I don't like angels. They have some bad associations for me and I'm afraid of them. I was wondering if there was a more gentle way I could get in touch with them and test the waters before I invest in a permanent binding? I would like to at least get a feel for their energy and have some idea of what their companionship might be like... preferably without spending too much money. Maybe they are for me, maybe not. I saw there was a thread specifically for Bronwyn angels but I am more interested in just angels generally. Thanks for any possible help and advice. :]

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Re: Angels?

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Here's a link that may help: viewforum.php?f=120

Angels seem a lot less picky about who they work with than they're commonly portrayed as being.

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Re: Angels?

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I haven't seen a DIY protected invocation for angels in this forum.

In the Encyclopedia there's this - mantras for types of spirits, which can help you try out your connection with angel energy. ... hlight=man

In the Shop there is this, which is a portal to WA spirits, expressly for learning about them without any commitment. The instructions that you get with the order include separate code words for various types of spirit. There's one for angels. ... irits.html

Another non-commitment route is via this ... -ARTS.html

You need to first program a device then you can add the specific WA race you want to interact with, eg Bronwyns or Courtwinds.

see ... ANGEL.html

By the way, in case this information is useful...

...for keepers who lean towards the dark arts it is okay - and also probably advisable - to have some white arts spirits. Dark Arts is not bad or evil. WA spirits won't be against a dark arts keeper for that reason. And there are dark arts angels too.


Finally, a good thing to know is that, although some protection spirits seem to be pretty badass types, they are only like that against their keeper's foes. Once conjured to be your companion by a reputable conjurer, a protection spirit is there to be your friend and helper and will interact with you that way.

We need to deal with our own thought processes for our own benefit. Even if a keeper has a fear or previous dislike of angels, they're not going to hold that against us - whether they are WA or DA. But to avoid that building up into a block between you and your bound angel companion, you'll probably need to be able to manage those fears and dislikes somewhat. Worries, anxieties or uncertainties are the surest way to create a block in communication or bonding between us and our spirit friends. But that's all down to us.

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