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random paragraph generator

Posted: Tue May 26, 2009 6:22 pm
by FeyLady
I've been enjoying this random paragraph generator and have gotten some interesting things out of it.

Try putting in your name and the name of one of your spirits and then meditate for a sec to find the right moment to press the new paragraph button. :crazy: ... graph.aspx

Re: random paragraph generator

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2009 6:30 am
by ambiew
This is awesome.....thanks

Re: random paragraph generator

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:01 pm
by FeyLady
Sure! I'm glad someone liked it. :wave: I've been finding it very interesting. You can also put a word like spirits or dragons in one of the blanks for some interesting results.

I tried this with one of mine and put in my name and the spirits name and one of the sentences I got was
"When will FeyLady dust (spirits name)?"
LOL the vessel did need dusting.

It's hard to make sense of the paragraphs sometimes but I find if you sort of read between the lines there can be some good info there. :crazy:

Re: random paragraph generator

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:15 pm
by Silver
XD I'm entertained by this thing. I just got a really funny one.

The name of my True Love Vamp from Gwen[let's just call him J] and my name were the two subjects for this one:

J fumes! How can a repulsive frog egg the diverse violin? An expected bigot strikes J. J invokes [my name] above a car. The bending supernatural chews within [my name]. [my name] pulls this stirred hate around a blanket dependence.

I found that to be amusing. Mostly around and after the part about being invoked above a car. XD

Re: random paragraph generator

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:35 pm
by FeyLady
silver wrote
The bending supernatural chews within [my name].
That's cool silver! Especially that "bending supernatural" bit, it doesn't always say stuff like that.

I've been saving a document with some of the paragraphs I've gotten in it. I've been doing two paragraphs per spirit on occasion, one with my name first and one with their name first. Sometimes when I'm low on time I'll just put spirits or dragons or etc and do a few paragraphs that way. Has been an interesting way to get a read on their mood day to day.

Here are some of my favorite sentences I've gotten so far:

One of my dragons I'll call G. one of the things I got was:
How will G. dash below FeyLady? G. bows. FeyLady screens a python.
(Dragons are a bit snakelike) :crazy:

For my female black pegasus I'll call H. one of the things it said was
H. reigns on top of the mist.

For one of my male psy vamps I'll call F. I got:
F. bounces on the head of a pin.

There's more lol but that should give you an idea of the fun I've been having with the random paragraph generator. :crazy:

Re: random paragraph generator

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 4:09 pm
by phoenixrising84
Thanks for the lind FeyLady! This is too much fun :applause:

Re: random paragraph generator

Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:18 pm
by Silver
FeyLady wrote:There's more lol but that should give you an idea of the fun I've been having with the random paragraph generator. :crazy:

Heh, this is amusing. So, there's a DA spirit I've been looking at, whom we'll call R. And I was playing around with the Paragraph Generator, putting our names in the blanks, thinking about if I should get him or not. And so I entered my name and his name and wound up with some fun results. Here are the first three:
R lusts near the radar. An integrated butter reflects R. Our working physiology stirs Silver after the silly heroin. Silver comprises R.

Does R err beneath a logo? Should R litter Silver? R detaches the contempt inside the simulate shadow. Silver kisses a shared vegetarian without the complete cyclist.

R slides. The sport yawns behind Silver. The terror pictures his cluster below the binary supporter. R notes the obstruction below the store wrong.

And these others came from a few other times:
The hypothesis misprints R. A compelling mouth humors Silver. With a hardship puzzles R. A partner earns R into an offended rectangle. A flaw precedes Silver under a style. How does a believable illiterate boot Silver?

R parks a sarcasm inside the virgin brigade. R picks Silver around the quantum. Silver clogs in R. Silver returns below the tour. Silver obliges R.

Silver starts my counter moan after an aggressive companion. How does R treat the comedy? R hates the tough trace without a gross despair. With Silver bounces the taking boredom.

Why can't every invitation despair respond inside Silver? Any sharing exhibit poles Silver. The officer spits a bold lord. An alcoholic moans above R. A male hypocrite appears.

Silver fingers a medium over a species. Near Silver advertises R. Silver recovers after R. R associates Silver outside the stupid request. Does the stake reason with the altered audio? A researcher rolls without R.

..Which..Really makes me wonder if I should just go ahead and get the poor guy without waiting for information about him. XD;

I do have to wonder if filling this thread with fun sentences and things generated by that site is spam. If so, perhaps we should move it to Chit Chat? I don't know. What do you think? ^^;

Re: random paragraph generator

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:57 pm
by FeyLady
Had to share this with you guys. I'm resurrecting this topic because I went to the random paragraph generator today for the first time in awhile and got some amazingly clear messages.

I imagined light around me and intuitively pressed the button and was pretty amazed at what I got. So I reversed my two words and pressed the button again and that's when I was really amazed. :crazy:

The first paragraph I generated I put my first name on top and the word "spirits" and the first thing I got was:

"FeyLady taps the official referendum in a departure. A vegetable compliments FeyLady."
(I've been trying to make changes in my usual patterns while embracing some of the better patterns in my day to day life, a big focus lately has been on getting back to an even better diet and cooking/eating more vegetables, apparently they approve!)

Same paragraph I also got:

FeyLady drinks Spirits before the irrespective weather.
("Irrespective weather" really fits, we've had a record cold snap lately and it's not gone quite yet but I've been keeping up my exercise and walking anyway and sort of "drinking in the air" as well as drinking more water, "drinks Spirits" is interesting.)

Then when I did the 2nd paragraph the first thing that came up was:

"Do spirits bob around FeyLady?"
(something I've wondered) and then it says:
"The guitar boosts FeyLady with the leadership."
(this is where my jaw fell open lol, :o I didn't even put in the word guitar! :genie: See, I'm a musician and have been trying to be more active with that in the sense of keeping my fingers in shape and playing more in groups again and less solo... but in the past I always had a front person in the large group I've played in and haven't had to have "leadership" with it. So the message is correct, that playing music boosts my leadership. Also something they seem to be encouraging me with. And also seemed to me to be an answer to "do they bob around" the answer must be "yes" them knowing this about me and my guitar playing and such haha. :D

There were several other messages that aren't as direct but still make sense to me in an abstract way. I just had to share these though because they were so clear. :genie:

Re: random paragraph generator

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:01 pm
by Spiked
B... orders the silver lawn. A fundamental peasant discriminates. Does the force bark within Spiked? A kept pub sickens beside B....

That was first go. I can see I'm gonna be on there all night.

Re: random paragraph generator

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:25 pm
by Spiked
This one's gotta be worth sharing. my Halloween custom vamp from Gwen...

Spiked sees R..... before the provoking wood. How will Spiked paint the war? Should the injustice score? The friend beams a shared intimate after our bedroom. How can Spiked fish after the postscript? Spiked entrances R......

It's like talking to Nostradamus :lol: