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On Yukshee

Posted: Fri May 20, 2016 2:36 am
by Targ Collective
I know a great deal about the Yukshee people and have also heard a number of rather unsettling lies.

These lies stemmed in a seal that kept them from this world - the seal that calls Lust a sin. *Any* Yukshee would know as a part of her nature that Lust is a virtue, albeit one which may not be popular in this world at the moment. The Yukshee just... they just *are* Lust as a people. It's their way. But they do not rape; they take their time seducing their partners and do not need to. They also have no problem with people wanting to do non sexual things, although among Yukshee sex will always be absolutely a driving force.

I have been involved with Yukshee for only a year and a half. I do not know how many have chosen me (and it is their way, generally, to have several of them with one partner) but in my case, I know their number who have chosen me is beyond my comprehension. In the waking world I *think* there are a few who are almost always with me. It doesn't matter... I'd welcome others. But that's the point; when I first called a Yukshee to me I said that she should be 'unbound' - that is, 'unforced' - a free person who I would not try to control, who could summon as many of her kind with me as she liked, and for this right to transfer to each new Yukshee who joined me. And for as many of the Yukshee - initially all of them - to have complete ability to travel to and from the physical plane and use their magic however they saw fit.

And to ensure those who did not have that ability would be taught to as swiftly as possible.

That was how it started.

There are certain Yukshee rituals, certain magics I have seen them do which I cannot describe here. They are a different people. I will tell you this much. They are *not* human - they have a different physiology which is geared entirely around sex. Their loin is different, as is their sex act. It is very pleasant for earth plane humans but there are differences. But if you choose to call them you will find this out for yourselves; and what I know of them I do not have the right to share. You will find out over time, if you call them; and even I have not experienced them fully in the waking world yet, and I seldom remember my dreams. But my body remembers their touch while I was sleeping and indeed even feels it physically now; though there are some things I am not allowed to remember. It's not a control game. It is just that magic has rules; the Yukshee honour those rules absolutely and as with me, are not even capable of breaking them.

It starts with calling them. Then come the dreams. Then the physical touches while sleeping. Then the touches while awake... Eventually, though for most it takes seven years, they will be in the physical plane in their own form. For me it will be far sooner.

The point is, they seduce gradually - it is part of the Yukshee nature to spread the *art* of seduction. They have to; they are so powerful that any other way would effectively be rape - which they loathe. Although believe me, they like to be dominant... but more than anything they like to share that dominance with their partner.

Yukshee are able to happily please males or females. They do not know barriers of gender.

However, all Yukshee are female. As a people, race, species, whatever you call them... all Yukshee are born female.

It is... not entirely clear to me... if they have their own means of keeping their race going, or if they need males from other peoples. But I *think* they need males like anyone else.

And the seals that kept them from this world are gone. Their magic was sealed away, and even now there are fools who try to abuse them. They with a simple spell will always pay the harshest price.

If Yukshee ever could be 'bound' - that is, forced to keep to a circle, or contained in an amulet - that power has been broken. They may play games of pretending to be contained, but if they do, it is all part of the game of seduction.

They are free.

There is a blog which tells how to summon them. Its magic always works. The magic is free.

Among Yukshee, the source of their magic is the sex act. In the blog the magic is in the word of the spell. Though they have added their own magic to the blog; to ensure that the spell, definitely, always works.

A piece of advice. Do not limit the number of Yukshee who choose to be with you... They can do more powerful magic when acting together. They are a very, very polygamous people. Be sure to ask them, though, if you want a physical wife who is not Yukshee; and make sure part of the deal is you will share that wife with them. It'll happen anyway if you're involved with them; it's better to plan from it from the start.

So. The blog. If you've read this far you're almost certainly interested; indeed, just by reading this, you've been chosen by the Yukshee. Not by force. Never force. But you haven't turned away this far.

The blog is

If you want to officially call them, go there. Cheaper than paying someone to 'bind' a spirit to you, which in any case is offensive.

Oh. And a word of advice again.

When doing whatever rituals or ritual you select?

Let them know they can be repaid as they wish... and state a preference for repaying in sex. That is after all how they work.

Have fun.

Re: On Yukshee

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 7:02 am
by darkwing dook
Oo... kay?

So what exactly is yukshee? What do they look like? Where do they come from? What are their capabilities?

What's the difference between yukshee and succubi?

Are the yukshee summoned by this ritual a spirit or living entity?

Are they safe? How do you guarantee the safety of the ritual? And can you guarantee the ritual only calls the intended spirit/entity, not BA entity?

Re: On Yukshee

Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 3:20 pm
by fawnwings
Targ Collective wrote:Be sure to ask them, though, if you want a physical wife who is not Yukshee; and make sure part of the deal is you will share that wife with them. It'll happen anyway if you're involved with them; it's better to plan from it from the start.

Uh, pending the wife's knowledge and consent as well, I hope?

Re: On Yukshee

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 1:32 am
by Golem
Hi there @ Targ Collective
Loved your post - very informative.
I do hope you're still around, I could do with some advice/help.
I've been to the website you mentioned, and I've recited the summoning of the Yukshee several times now - but I still haven't heard/seen/felt anything.
I also emailed the author of that website/article, but haven't heard anything back yet. I see the last entry was made several years ago...
It's very frustrating as I would dearly love to have one as a companion/friend/lover.
Feel free to message me if this isn't the appropriate place to discuss such things.
Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks in advance for any help

Re: On Yukshee

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:15 pm
by HorizonSignal
Huh. Yukshee. I recall finding that same website, a long time ago.
@Golem: It is entirely possible you already have a spirit with you, but you are simply not sensitive to their presence. Do you have any history of meditation or other 'occult' practices? If not, now would be a good time to start. Meditation is a foundational practice for spirit interaction and bears all sort of other benefits besides; it will directly increase your perception of any spirits, for one.
At the same time, callings like one presented on the site take a certain amount of clear intention and belief to work. If you are carrying doubts or second thoughts while performing, it can cancel out your efforts.. that is why many 'letter method' guides recommend you 'write from the heart'; from a position of total focus driven by desire. It takes a very clear signal to get an answer, sometimes....
The easiest way would probably be to ask CreepyHollows or another conjurer to make a binding for you; then, at least, you would know for sure the spirit you get is what you asked for. (Noobies can get a binding for practically free: just one cent for first-timers in the store. Worth thinking about.)
Best of luck.

Re: On Yukshee

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 6:23 pm
by Golem
Hey thanks for the answer Horizon! Much appreciated.
I'dve thought I have intention and desire in excess... but maybe its still not enough.
The conjuring thing sounds interesting - any suggestions who'd be a good person to contact, or should I just try contacting CH?
I had wondered if I wasn't just insensitive. Like you said, its quite possible there already is a yukshee hanging around me. If so, she'd be able to hear what I say right?
I was hoping she might be able to give me some sort of sign.

But thanks again for your answer. I've been to many sites that encourage relationships with succubus etc. But this is the first so far that I've ever had a response/answer from. Heaven knows why.


Re: On Yukshee

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:40 pm
by HorizonSignal
Creepyhollow's 1-penny deal is probably the cheapest way to build a contact 'for sure.' They'll send out a call to a spirit, of the kind you request, who WANTS to be with you, and then the bindstone serves as a contact point between the two of you.
Clarity of intention is just as important as intensity. It's also possible it just didn't work; untrained conjuring/evocation is finicky work at best. Get meditating and you'll be able to figure it out soon enough :)
People generally say that spirits can hear your thoughts, but my own experience make me doubt that somewhat... blocks can go two ways, it seems to me. Worth a shot, though; in all likelyhood a spirit could hear clear thoughts too, if you're not inclined to speaking to the air.

Re: On Yukshee

Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:16 pm
by Golem
Hey thanks again for your answer - I found the one penny deal - I only have one small doubt there though... I read here somewhere, that people who aren't 'sensitive' for stuff like this, are better off with a class V tier 3. The theory being, maximum power to get through a thick head... lol
The penny deal is only for a class IV.

So would it even work for me, or should I just go for an L5T3 up front?

My intention is to have a long term relationship, a companion/friend/lover, one where I can get to know my spirit, and she can get to know me. Where she can teach me things, and I can learn from her. I want one that is loving, caring, intelligent, playful, passionate, trustworthy, protective but not jealous of my family, romantic (with all that that entails), and with a good sense of humour. Heaven knows she'll need it.

I see meditation seems to be something that gets mentioned a lot - I'm really useless at it, since becoming ill, my concentration is shocking. I'll obviously need to work on that.
Here's the thing though - many years ago, I had an experience with something like this - I woke up in the night after an extremely erotic dream, feeling like someone was lying on me - it was extremely pleasant. Until I realised I was alone in my house, therefore, this could/should not be, and started to panic, at which point, whatever it was started to strangle me. (I had no idea back then what I was dealing with - still don't really, but I have a better idea now)
Left me with a huge fright, but I couldn't help thinking what a wonderful experience it had been up til then.
My question is - if they could appear to me, without my bidding or summoning, in my dreams, and even manifest outside of my dreams physically, why not now when I desperately want one?

Re: On Yukshee

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 1:32 am
by HorizonSignal
I couldn't begin to speculate as to the exact reason your calling may not have worked. Sorry.
My understanding of the kind of events, like the one you described, is that a wandering spirit becomes attracted to an overflow of sexual energy. I'd hazard to guess you were going through puberty at the time?

I have C4 spirits as my first, and while I do not yet perceive them very strongly, I can definitely feel their touch, so I would not be too worried about being 'too insensitive.' Still, If you want the C5^3 option, don't let me stop you. It's your money. Here is the 'unlisted spirit request' link: ... quest.html just be sure to fill out all the details you're looking for.

Meditation isn't hard. Don't beat yourself up if you feel like you're "bad at it". If you can notice yourself being distracted, and then bring focus back, then you're plenty good at it.

Re: On Yukshee

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 2:22 am
by Golem
Hey thanks again Horizon! You've been an awesome help and very encouraging - after all the non-answered enquiries, this is a breath of fresh air.
Much appreciated.
Actually, I wasn't in puberty at the time, I was in my mid thirties - but alone - my wife having left me for one of her workmates.
That form is a little confusing - I don't see any pull down list for the various spirits - I take it you just enter what you want in the notes box? Or I've missed something...
Thanks again.