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Questions before using Spirit Box 7

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2022 12:52 pm
by bunny
Hi all!
I ordered a Spirit Box 7 (SB7) and it'll arrive next week. Out of curiosity yesterday I searched the forum for other users experiences with their ghost box. It sounds like it may be a bad idea to use the SB7 alone. I'm wondering why? If I cleanse my space and cast a circle beforehand AND have extremely clear intentions on who I want to speak to, wouldn't I be safe to use it alone at home? How is using a ghost box or tarot or pendulum or even ouija boards that different from communicating telepathically with our spirit companions? Why do the physical items seem to attract malicious entities?

I'm hopeful to connect with my spirit companions since they agreed to try the SB7 out with me. But after reading other people's experiences I'm having doubts that I should try this and I have so many questions.. I hope you guys can help!

Re: Questions before using Spirit Box 7

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2022 2:06 pm
by Satella
Cant really speak for any other medium but Tarot, this is what my Royal Banniks said. For tarot, they let no spirits or entities interact with the energies, channels or cards themselves. They are very protective, if during a reading they sense a presence (I usually do too) which some times happens during dream readings or negative past events, they immediately inform my protections team removing their presence from our direct area and contain it. I have 5 Prince banniks and one king bannik that regulates the divination medium aggressively. They also said this could be practiced into other forms. So maybe next time have a protective spirit guard the area at least for starters as a task should help for any more malicious energies.