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Spells for all the Chakras

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 1:14 pm
by StarPlatinum
Heres a collection of spells I wrote last month while meditating. These are my first spells, but atleast for me the seem to work good.

Root Chakra:

Deeply Rooted I stand-
From Below my feet flows earthen energy.
I feel safe and sound, nothings beyond remedy.
Whatever the situation, I am not hesitating.
I will keep on with my flow
even when the times are fierce.
I will never bow.
For i do not fear.

Sakral chakra:

I let all my coulours be seen-
The thirst for something new keeps me ever striving.
There's nothing in myself that is worth denying.
Lust and sensuality are no eventuality
and intrinsic to duality.
I will not hold back, life too is a game.
I will not regret, for i feel no shame.

Manipura chakra

I am the radiating sun-
All that i need is already inside me.
A strength that is mighty, strong and inspiring.
There is no failure and there is no trying.
I do and i see i already did.
Accept myself and life for what it truly is,
thus transforming the fears into bliss.
My will is my weapon and I start manifesting
on my way to destiny.
Starve the ego, feed the soul.
Take back the crown that it stole.

<3 chakra

We are the hearts-
The love that flows through all
be free of chains and walls.
Love myself and love all else.
A Timeless treasure, our biggest wealth.
I know it wont corrupt.
I know it will not stop.
I am forever loved.

Throat chakra

I rest in calm serenity.
With all senses I listen.
Breath air of highest clarity
recieving greater wisdom.
I will only see whats true,
yet not be mute.
I will always speak the truth,
yet not be rude.

Third-eye chakra

It's time to wake up from sedition
to see the Schism that is my prison.
Merge the worlds to know real truth.
Tie all ends that are still loose.
May logic and emotion in synergy forge intuition.
What was once obscure bring into vision.
Break the mirror, bend the rules.
Be no fool, remember Neo: there is no spoon.

Im currently working on the crown chakra spell. I dont want it to have too many preconcieved ideas about "heaven" or "divinity" so it can appeal to anyone. If you have any ideas that would be cool.
Also I would be grateful if you could correct any grammar mistakes, because I'm not a native speaker so that I can edit the post.

Re: Spells for all the Chakras

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:38 am
by Dentorum Ignis
I intend on using the regularly. Thanks!

Re: Spells for all the Chakras

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:40 am
by Inedible
The crown chakra is like a TV satellite dish or maybe your internet connection. Heaven can wait.