Help needed! I'm having weird circumstances!

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Re: Help needed! I'm having weird circumstances!

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xxMrS4nxx wrote:
Sun Nov 21, 2021 12:00 pm
I still trying to remember it name today and then i have a vague feeling about it.. IDK how to describe it but it feel like something I can reach but when ever i tried to reach it it would slip away.. any idea how to pass this block? Already tried clear my mind and relax like above mention but when I tried harder to recalling my memory my head seem hurt...
I think it's interesting that you felt like there was something you could reach.

Might it help if you stopped 'trying' to clear your mind? If you have a method for doing it, maybe just go through the motions and just allow the method to work, naturally? A light approach, behaving as if you're neutral about any outcome, sometimes works for me far better than intense, focused will/intention.

Maybe tell your lifetime spirit guides or companion bound spirits they can help you with it if they wish.

And why not try this, if it resonates with you:-

Tell the Tulpa, that you may almost sense or can almost reach, that you want it to do x or y. (eg Even if it is to come in front of you, behind you etc. ) If you sense any response, maybe then tell it to stand by for further instructions; to continue to respond to your instructions and answer your call...and so on.

I guess you can even try giving it a self destruct command, if that is what you want to do and you think it's responding to you.

I guess there's another possibility, which is that the Tulpa never achieved full independence as a mental/magical construct and has dissolved, either fully or partially.

It may have joined the vast amounts of partial 'constructs' thought to be wandering out there, the results of vast amounts of half-formed or unsuccessful wishes / prayers / new age positive thinking etc. (The meta junk we humans have dumped into the ethers around us.)

I have an Eclipse Metaphysical guardian that can psychically cleanse an area of such psychic junk. (Not much use, I know, as I think EM are currently not trading again.)

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