Could Curse Be Healed?

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Could Curse Be Healed?

Post by Lilith28 »

I’m not hooked on Ghost Adventures (travel channel) I believe it’s kind of misleading and or phony (just like that Show about Mermaids while back on Discovery Channel) Anyway, this episode just watched was about how Fort Worden (Pudget Sound, Washington State) is still currently cursed (due to Native Americans and how they lost there land and cursed it) I don’t know if this curse is true.

Now for another example, what about Kennedy Curse? How all the Kennedys are cursed and still currently (especially recently this year, when 2 drowning of Kennedy family) hence I feel Curse is still ongoing and real for this incident.

So why are we unable to heal curses? Is curses unable to be healed? Why are there no healers if Curse could indeed be cured? Is it because Healers are unable as well due to so many generations of Curse taken affect and last so long. Or very to dangerous for healers no matter how old or young Curse is? Also, maybe if army of healers are unable heal. Then maybe there is no hope for land and or for anyone?

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Re: Could Curse Be Healed?

Post by Aprophis »

Well, curses are not so much healed/cured as they are broken or removed.
You can heal the effects of curses to lessen it's impact or as help in the aftermath.

So healers wouldn't be really helpful for getting rid of the curse itself. You would need someone that has an idea how curses work, basically someone who uses curses themselves or someone who's already proficient in removing them.
Theoretically a healer could even aggravate a curse. I mean if I want to curse someone, I'll be sure to make a curse that would use any energy put into healing efforts towards making the curse stronger.

Aside from the fact that healers are the wrong persons to deal with a curse, most curses don't get removed because nobody cares.
They either don't care because for them curses aren't real or they don't care because they're not affected. (And let's not forget all the scammers running around talking about generational curses that are totally baloney)

And why should someone who isn't affected remove curses for free. That can be a lot of work and energy put into them.
Also you might draw the ire of spirits to you, like in the case of the land cursed by native americans. Their spirits and their ancestral spirits might take offense to people trying to remove the curse. And the person who wants to remove the curse would have to deal with them too. So it's not just a big load of work, it might also be dangerous to the person doing said work.

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