Impressions from Satan

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Re: Impressions from Satan

Post by Ashino Tsume roshi »

I agree with everything said within the major push here (some very minor details are not worth dealing with at present)

There is on ething that needs to be addressed. The Christian Churches (with 2 exceptions) attack Satan at every turn, and blame Satatn for everything they have done wrong....obviously this is a pudding of confusion made out of fear, inability to take responsibility for their own bad deedss and their own F-u-s.
One small text that seems to be neglected is:

The Marriage of Heaven & Hell by William Blake, that I have found incredibly profound since I first read it in 1961...Here it is:

Here is the Entire Text; The Marriage of Heaven & Hell

Caiyros Arlen

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Re: Impressions from Satan

Post by Hekhare »

Thanks Caiyros I've purchased both books [emoji4]much appreciated , I've got so much to read and do lol thank you

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Re: Impressions from Satan

Post by Ghost24 »

Old thread but still very relevant. Thanks to all for this discussion and insight. Very much appreciated and helpful 🙏🏼

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