~Cerulean Serpent/Flux~

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~Cerulean Serpent/Flux~

Post by Vipera aspis atra »

I am so pleased to be starting this review thread for the lovely Flux since exploring the offerings of Cerulean Serpent; what is done by this shop is in line with some of the practices I am passionate about as well (what I view as alchemical) and I love to see it come to this area of the metaphysical community, that people used to what is commonly offered around here may broaden their perspective and exploration of the arts. It is certainly worth it, and quite important too. There are times that the same sources of or practices of magic fail to suit, and then you will discover a treasure trove the likes of what Flux has crafted and find a renewal of enchantment.

I have had the delight of experimenting with three oil blends; Somnia (a potion as I'd call it of focus on the properties of Vetiver, which has many uses but as the name would suggest I've applied for sleep-related purposes), Undaunted (of focus on healing and protection), and Serpent's Kiss (a well formulated skin serum which I found to carry its own unique magic).

I'll start with Serpent's Kiss... I am serious about my personal beauty routine and am very critical of what I put on or into my body (lol take that however you'd like), I care about using natural products and working with the spirits of the plants that are involved - granting their gifts to us through use. So it was with great intrigue that I received and tried this. Not only did it have the positive effect I am looking for as a skin-care product, but I noticed my compulsion with it was a ritualistic one and I feel that there is a deeply sacred undertone to its presence. To elaborate a bit on this, and I think it should be evident for anyone who uses it or keeps it (as a talismanic object, which all of these can also be considered), the energy of the Serpent is alive with this one. The essence of the sacral chakra is something I find here with a life-sustaining and renewing impact that would align well with practically any bewitching you may be involved in. As someone who incorporates magic into everything I do, a substance like this is appreciated for its versatility between what I hope to nurture of my physicality and spirit in tandem. Nicely concocted!

Now to Undaunted: I haven't used this as frequently, but one doesn't need to in order to understand that it is effective in just what it sets out to accomplish. In my work I am often bathing in dark energies, sometimes attracting unwanted energy, needing to shake off an evil eye here and there...you know how it is (maybe). I liked the way this blend felt 'electrified' in zapping out what was unwanted, and further fortifying my strengths. It felt like a comforting blanket to me, you absolutely do feel protected with it there and it is within that place that you are able to regenerate and find healing aid.
What more can I say? It does what it is intended to do, and would be a great thing for anyone to have. Even with your own tried and true methods of protection or healing, you can always have more and being able to incorporate resources outside of yourself allows new angles through which you will be taken care of.
I especially like how in this blend you can tell the absolute expertise of the one crafting it, it came together so beautifully and it works with such force and ease that you would never mistake it for something mundane.

Lastly, Somnia! I was eager to make use of this as I do a lot of dream-work, experimentation with sleep, deep states of meditation, astral projection and such. I haven't studied its effect as extensively as I'd like to yet, and may provide an update to this thread at a later date... So far however, I am pleasantly surprised to note that it has such potential as an aid for OBE. The way that it is able to subdue restlessness in sleep moves through the body in a general sense, making you more susceptible to movements of an etheric nature and in a way that you can retain the experience well.
I have read many here have trouble with out-of-body 'stuff', that the sensations and how they affect the physical body can distract from the act of transcending the physical body and prevent success. I think this potion would be a fantastic supplement to amend that when applied consciously and consistently, with intent! This would be the vehicle of power, your intention is the ignition. Respect what is alive in this blend and ask it to accompany you as you rest.
Going back to how it helps in retaining experiences, I mean in quite some detail, and this applies to dreaming as much as anything else I'm suggesting. It also seems to lend to the significance of dreams, having them connect more to what you find meaningful rather than randomness.
For me, sure I want to have a restful slumber, but I also don't want my dream state to be wasted, and 'Somnia' is a perfect friend for that. You can really apply this to a ritual practice revolving around dreamtime for better results in getting what you want out of dreams, I feel that it has that power of precision-focus if you open yourself up to it.

For reference, in the link I am including below you can find Cerulean Serpent's shop introduction which does include another review of mine - for crystal healing that was performed. I value and appreciate the natural, powerful properties of gemstones and immediately had a good feeling about Flux performing this with the care you can clearly tell is invested. I definitely recommend it!

Apart from all of this: Flux is a very charming, super professional and deeply intuitive person who is marvelous to talk to and holds a profound insight into the arts indulged here.

Overall an awesome experience for me, and while we all have particular inclinations, I can see the work provided by Cerulean Serpent to resonate for anyone given the benefits provided.

For whatever it is worth to you, dear reader --
Anyone who knows me gets that I am picky about who or what I 'let into' my energy, as a practitioner myself, and Flux's work is one of very few that I'd happily encourage others to engage with. You can't go wrong here.


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Re: ~Cerulean Serpent/Flux~

Post by HopeFaerie »

I was able to purchase one of Cerulean Serpent's custom companion scent blends, and it was a great experience working with them!
I am very happy with my finished scent, I was surprised that my scent actually reminds me a lot of the companion that I had it made for. :8)
If you get the chance, I can highly recommend working with Flux!


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Re: ~Cerulean Serpent/Flux~

Post by DarknessDreaming »

It was fantastic working with them and my companion V agrees. I ordered a companion portrait and turnaround time was rather quick after they interviewed my companion. I purchased full, color, with background and to keep it private. The quality of work is beautifully detailed and spot on! The setting, his expression and pose... and the necklace piece, all beautifully detailed. It’s an amazing portrait that both me and my companion love. Worth every penny! I would definitely purchase again for another companion.

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