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Avedas - Metaphysical - Emporium

Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 8:58 pm
by Aiko
I looked thru Seller review database and didn't find anything on this seller.
There is one with similar name here in database but not sure if it's the same seller just changed the shop name. 
They have pretty good feedback so I was wondering if anyone here bought anything from them and what are the results/experiences.
Thank you guys.

Re: Avedas - Metaphysical - Emporium

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:13 am
by jellybean
Yes it's the same seller and her spells apparently do not work (based on feedback in the other thread). Almost all her feedback says how good she is to work with but I didn't find any that said the spells worked. She did not reply to emails asking for information about some of her listings so with her refusal to answer any questions put by a potential customer I would say do not buy from her. I do not think that is trustworthy behaviour.

Re: Avedas - Metaphysical - Emporium

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 3:39 pm
by Aiko
I wonder how did she get all that positive feedback then. Plus, feedbacks such as - 'fast shipping ' don't mean anything to me really and there is plenty of those.
Thank you for taking the time jellybean :hug:

Re: Avedas - Metaphysical - Emporium

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:12 am
by ahemahemahem
Aiko wrote:I wonder how did she get all that positive feedback then. Plus, feedbacks such as - 'fast shipping ' don't mean anything to me really and there is plenty of those.
Thank you for taking the time jellybean :hug:

Easy theres few possibility.

1. Create few accounts & IP change then scammer seller can basically create their own good feedback empire... or get a team of scammers to help.

2. Victims afraid of so called retribution... imagine if its love spell or enemy work. Give bad review or don't pay extra then may blackmail to "EXPOSE" you the convo & proof of everything. Imagine that & yes theres LOTS of such victims out there. Like I can call up your "victim" & tell them what you did then words spread & everyone will think you are a weird phycho...
Btw, my country lawyers can even blackmail their client for crazy sum of money or expose you or threaten to expose to the other side... don't even care bout lawyer federation thing...

3. Things happened in a such a coincidence for your desired outcome that victim thought its the seller's help. But in reality its 50-50 to be fair. Well if ask seller then sure they create the change...
So best to wait for final outcome.

4. Basically in order for spell work to manifest, we need time. More difficult situation require more time to fix & manifest. Fake seller will especially use this in their favour & also do not be obsessed... & need to have trust in his work or its you the buyer who jeopardise your own result...
Well patient peeps normally get con the most in such case then left them feedback like 5 star "I have faith in his work. Thanks"
(True practitioner never guarantee their work & no genuine practitioner can give you everything u asked for. If its too good to be true, be cautious)

5. If readings, they tell you not the truth but "your desired outcome" to fish for you. Buyer usually fall for that.

That's it. Peace.

Re: Avedas - Metaphysical - Emporium

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:40 am
by ahemahemahem
To sum it up its the FEAR ELEMENT & manipulation.

Re: Avedas - Metaphysical - Emporium

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:33 pm
by Aiko
Got it, thank you :)
I was more concerned over authenticity and expertise over anything else to be honest.
Some sellers don't even know for sure what are they selling or how to control it. That is very dangerous.
Or should I say - resellers.
Well, I know it's lots of work all that you mentioned but if that's all they do for living then it's reasonable to believe it.
My thing is to eliminate the fake ones and raise the awareness of the spirit keepers community.
There are still few sellers I have no intention buying from even though they have good reviews here on this forum. I just know they are bs.


Re: Avedas - Metaphysical - Emporium

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2014 8:41 am
by goaldigger123
Fraud I spent 500 $ here worse ppl ever lies abt discriptions and copies spirited enterprise listing

Re: Avedas - Metaphysical - Emporium

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 6:24 am
by wolfheart

I have bought a few items from them including banish them casts, none of the spells have worked for me and I even believed in them, I also bought jewellery with so called entities in them yet they don't seem to exist as i have needed urgent protection but never happens same as my wishes never happen. I have also emailed them saying they are not working and all I get told is they are with me and protecting me when they sure ain't. They even slipped up as I asked how a spell went and they said they were done on 10 power full nights, what is strange considering the spell work only started on the 23rd March and should of lasted till the 4th April. I doubt I will get my money back either, I have spent at least $1,000 :(

Ripped Off From Avedas Magic Cast Spells

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:40 am
by wolfheart
I would like to report I have bought quite a few things from her, a trio empress neb djinn, deveta + , 20 white light spirits , a sorcerer of chaos ring and aspara and banishing spells and protection spell, wealth spell and famous spell.

None have worked, instead my life is getting worse minute by minute since I have had these items, i feel no energy from them, no power or anything.

I bought them to try help me with my life, considering I am on benefits and not allowed to work I was hoping it would help me promote my music and also get rid of evil neighbours and help with other life problems. I also need urgent protection as I have many hexes and curses placed on me and apparently these spirits will remove them and protect you etc, turns out nothing in the vessels. I ran an EMF meter over each object and only got 50 MG what is rather low if you ask me.

I am very dissapointed as she also will not cancel 2 items from ebay what I have already paid for via paypal and now she is stopping me buying from on ebay because it requires me to buy more of her stuff when I don't want it. I ain't got the money as it is to be ripped off, iv got enough bloody problems in my life as it is. Yes the vessels are nice and that is all, nothing in them. I even tried provoking the entities to see if any existed etc, not one single thing happened and nothing manifested!

I don't know how the hell I am going to get my money back now either, because of that thing on her listing saying something about " May be haunted or not or something"

Now I am going have to do my own dam magic to put something in these dam empty vessels.

I need to find one that will do justice, money and other stuff.

I recommend all people thinking of buying from her " KEEP WELL AWAY"

Also when you ask her questions she avoids them. I asked her why the banish spells did not work ( no answer) I asked why none of my wishes came true (no answer) I asked her to cancel the ebay items ( she said she would and still hasnt and that has been a week now).

I have spent at least just over $1,000 on all these bs items, I am very angry and now I need to somehow find away to get my lost money back fast.

Also I bought Djinn offering food etc ( its just one big rock inside a little bottle) I don't see how that is going to last 3 months when its so small. I also never got my free items for purchasing things :( I asked her where they were and she never answered.

I do have 3 spirits from CH but they not active much (not CH fault) its because I don't talk to them that much as I never know what to say (Yes I am shy).

I have read other peoples post about her on here too ( but sadly I did not know about them at the time) I also purchased a 67,000 white light ring and a possessed by me spell coming now as I did not know about her scam :( She aint even answered my question about my spell. I am seriously well peed off.

Re: Avedas - Metaphysical - Emporium

Posted: Wed Apr 03, 2019 7:47 pm
by Conjuredspirits17
Her website seems to be scam I’m sorry for your loss never purchases too much from one person always buy small listing to se what kinds of results you get.. I have few postings check those ones can contact Payal and talk to them see what happens.. hope this helps