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Angels Eclectic Metaphysical Spirit Conjuring Group

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 11:35 am
by bronzewolf
Im completely new to spirit Keeping and my spiritual gifts are very much in their infancy. I found out about Angel via some friends on a dolls group and i have to say Im totally blown away.... its taken me years to make contact with my own guides and only get a word here and there but the night i got my BOTD vamp well WOW is all i can say. His presence was made known so strongly there is no doubt in my mind the experience i had for 2 nights.... he has continued to communicate with me and its all been so doubt has gone completely and i know this is my start of my journey

Angel is so reasonable with her prices and is very kind and communicative. She has so many entities on her group and every week conjures up more... she is hard

She really deserves a shout out because she is what she says she is