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Etsy: Serpentine Emporium

Post by someone »

So first of all I want to say this shop is defunct now and that apparently they underwent some COVID-related emergency issues, but I also want to point out that my interactions were before they mentioned having said emergencies happen.

I basically ordered a spirit conjuration and then a compatibility reading and while they were relatively quick, I was more concerned by the lack of communication. I asked them for advice on connecting with the spirit to which they never responded, I also mentioned that I was moving midway through the binding and asked if this was an issue to which I also did not receive a response. I don't know if this was a factor in not feeling any sort of connection with the spirit up until now (I ordered them back in July), but since I'm spiritually blind, deaf, and dumb I wouldn't take my word alone for it.

They still have a Facebook page (which seems inactive) and a ***NO REDIRECTS ALLOWED*** group (which also seems inactive/possible defunct), but I was just curious if anyone else had dealings with them prior to the COVID outbreaks and if anyone had positive/negative feedback to share. I know this sounds pretty negative, but I want to say that whatever issues from COVID they had were likely the main cause of it, which I understand since my own family is back in New York and has been greatly affected by the pandemic. So really I don't know what to think.

Hopefully they sorted out their problems and will return to Etsy or another platform in the future, and if they do, this post can give people some sort of aid in choosing their services going forward.

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Re: Etsy: Serpentine Emporium

Post by Lonikh »

Well i have two spirits from then one psy vampire and a hell hound.Also i had ordered an aura cleansing and a reading about what unbounds are around.First of all the energy of the bindings for me is pretty low i cant feel most of the time my hell hound nor my vampire (but i know they are with me trough dreams). They never answered on time. They confused my orders and i had to personally send many messages to just do the bindings and push them (which i felt bad because they have their own problems etc) but i had payed for these things and they where a month late. Their services and readings where on point but when there is no communication lets just say even if they reopen their shop i am gonna be really cautious to buy something. Also there was a rumor going around that they didn't sell spirits but servitors instead.Personally i don't believe that because through my interactions with my spirits i know they are real.

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Re: Etsy: Serpentine Emporium

Post by CuriousLolita »

I only ordered one spirit from them and a reading and the experience was kind of iffy. They were late on the delivery and replies and forgot what spirit they sent over so it took a while for me to get the write up or any information at all about who or what I was receiving and the same goes for the reading. Like Lonikh, my order was a month late. The reading was more or less on point but the lack of communication makes me hesitant to order from them again if they ever reopen. I mean, the sellers seem like nice people but it just seemed a bit scattered on their end and while it can be rough right now it was just an off putting experience.

The item I received also smelled heavily of cigarette smoke and I ended up having to air it out for a while due to my own sensitivities so just a general heads up with that in case anyone else is really sensitive in the scent department.

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