That time of year.

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That time of year.

Post by WaywardJungian »

I'm going to do my best to be optimistic about this post, I don't really know what to make of this but I'll do my best to explain.

So for the past few years around the end of July I've been experiencing something unusual, and it's always lasted for a few months, ending around October.

It starts off with hearing a small voice in my mind saying; "Time is running out" or "You need to prepare." I've started figuring out it's likely my Daemon. The little voice that Socrates had that gave him advice. After all it has been pretty reliable in that regard when I try to get in touch with it.

I've ruled out mental illness for the most part, did my research into some forms of it and concluded that the circumstances and synchronicities that I've experienced are far too specific to be purely mental.

Examples are thinking about needing to build discipline in my life to get where I want to go, then hearing in my head an intro tune to a song that has that as a focus, then putting my music playlist on random and that being the first song that plays. Very glad I dont believe in coincidence.

Aside from the voice in my head getting abit more vocal, theres also that I begin having sleepless nights around this time as well, always accompanied by weird sort of fever dreams that often make no sense at face value. My thoughts seem to carry some extra power to them too, some of my more negative qualities come out to play as well, thankfully I'm more in control of those this time around. Not violent mind you, more like irritability and trouble with patience when it comes to problems.

It's alittle frustrating sometimes considering I often have trouble getting any sleep during this time, and spirits seem to get....louder.

Frankly I'm not sure what to do during this time. Mostly I meditate but that is about it, has anyone else ever experienced something like this?

Its always specific to this time of year and I remember it always threw me through a loop like a spiritual rollercoaster. I'm hoping to change that this time though.

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Re: That time of year.

Post by Shaddowpumpkin »

Even though you have sleepless nights, do you find the times you naturally want to sleep are at a different time and more effective?

Do you know where you want to go in life, or is it more like you are facing a choice?

And are you holding your self back for some reason?

Sorry for all the questions. As for the spiritual rollercoaster a lot of people focus on trying to ground themself's, but you may be able to memorize different times/ways that you done this and practice switching between them. Then as this progresses you might be able to balance it out a little more.

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