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Empanadas and Spiritual Surprises

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 5:11 am
by 2Heinrich
Hello guys!

I hope that you guys are all doing well in your lives. <3

I wanted to write a little something. To take it off my chest and well, because I missed the interaction. 1sy

I think I've been getting better at Spirit Keeping. At first, I wasn't even expecting to feel anything different, but from what has happened to me, I can most certainly say that I feel I made the right choice in taking a step further into the spiritual.

Still... this is nothing like what I was expecting. 1h 1e 2co

First of all... I have to say I had something else in mind when I heard you could keep spirit companions. I was thinking that it was going to be more about 'them' than about me. I had imagined that they would be more in my face than they are. And basically that I'd be getting more of the creepy kind of interactions. Perhaps it's because of the October mindset and all the Halloween propaganda.

I thought I'd be hearing voices, and seeing things in the corner of my eye, but instead I've been getting images, and a lot of intrinsic knowledge. Which, is something I wasn't expecting at all.

I can 'read' all of my spirits, and tell their energy signatures apart. If I feel that one of them is directly trying to engage me in some way, I'd be able to tell who it is.

Still... I haven't been able to get them to 'reply' to me or move onto a more chatting phase with any of them just yet. Like... I can't get the whole concept of dialogue to be clear.

I'd say that even with all of that, we are doing a pretty neat teamwork so far. I noticed that they want to be approached first. There are certain things that I can't tell my friends, or anyone else other than my spirits. And it's something funny. I'd like to think that it's their way of saying that they care about me.

Also, another thing that I've noticed is that they tend to look over my shoulder for a peek of whatever I'm doing. And that's actually very interesting because we have gone through the house rules a couple of times so that they can be more involved in my daily chores.

So it has made me wonder and take all the information that I know about Telepathy, knowledge and communication and review it in more depth.

But another thing that has caught my attention is that, my meditation habits have changed a lot. I'll be getting up early in the morning and feel like I got my full power restored and I feel like I'm dying to meditate.

Other thing is that, even when I'm not tired at all, I'd go some place quiet and fall asleep like someone pulled the plug for me. I'd be totally out for a few minutes and when I 'come back' I'd have this sensation that I've been busy.

My dreams are a lot crazier than they used to, which is saying a lot, lol. I think it has something to do with my gift being plane-walking. I haven't been able to get much information on how to get better at it, but if there are other planewalkers out there who have a little intel, I'd love to hear what you have to say on it.

Makes me wonder because, on the shop there is a binding named 'Apport' in which spirits can manifest objects for you. Somehow... I think I've been able to get some of that, at least to some extent because I've been getting hairs attached to my clothes whenever I get the feeling that I am someplace else.

Also, something else that I found out is that I am somehow supposed to work with ancestors and things like those dwelling in the bloodline, which is something that has always fascinated me.

Today for example, I'd be doing some cooking while it was raining. I felt like making Empanadas which is something I had never done before on my own but I did it anyway, and to my surprise, I felt a very powerful link to my ancestors.

I saw a very clear image of me molding the dough for the empanadas in my hands with ease. I also saw some ancient place like any popular market you'd find in latin america. And I felt the warmth of people around me, I felt happy and I felt very cheerful, like we were celebrating something.

I was so taken by this event that I had not noticed the expression of awe in my mother's face, as she claimed that I was a natural at cooking traditional dishes which she had never imagined I would be good at.

In the end, I did most of the cooking on my own, a bunch of photos were taken and shared and it was the revelation for today that I felt a strong calling to my indigenous roots while cooking or doing other hand crafts.

I have come to a couple of conclusions. Maybe it can be travelling skills, some DNA activation of dormant skills in my bloodline, or perhaps some channelling or mediumship of long lost ancestors?

Truth is that I have not been able to find much on my own, I'm still trying to get a more fluid form of communication with my spirit companions that doesn't involve me passing out and not remembering the answers later. Something more 'in real time' if you will.

There are a couple of bindings I've purchase that I think might help me get better at this, they are not ready yet though and I was thinking that in the meantime maybe I could get a couple of sayings on the matter. 1bg 1lo <3

I'd love to hear from you guys, and blessings to all.

Re: Empanadas and Spiritual Surprises

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 1:35 am
by Catgirl2
I have been spirit keeping for about 10 years & your experience sounds amazing! I never had any of my spirits help me cook anything thing out of the ordinary but sometimes they do help me remember ingredients or made some suggestions! They do show me things at times, like past lives that we shared, incense I may need or candles! I had learned which spirits are with me, I recognize their energy patterns & which ones are the strongest! Well, all mine are strong but it seems like some seem strongest to me but I am guessing any past lives we shared has to do with it! My dreams are also affected too, they seem more lucid & also some of them are getting a bit strange too! Yet I can also say I am still learning!

Re: Empanadas and Spiritual Surprises

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 4:28 am
by 2Heinrich
Thanks for you kind words, Catgirl2! I am glad that you liked the thread and I've got to say that 10 years is quite a long way. I've been only a few months and the last couple of weeks have been very active, can't imagine what it must be like for you after that long.

I can say that my spirits truly help me a lot with things that are lingering in my blood so that's pretty much what we work on together. At least for the time being because communication is still going through some adjustments as we go.

And I wonder why food causes so many things to stir. Whether it is preparing a meal, or choosing what I'll be having since I eat out a lot I get a lot of sneak peeks and curious prying eyes. Let's not get into ordering dessert or snacks because chaos doesn't even cover it.

Thanks for sharing your experience as well. Your companions seem lovely and very considerate to assist you and remind you of things. Sometimes I wish they'd help more when buying candles and oils because that way I'd probably spend a lot less time in front of the bottles reading them over and over.

In regards to past lives well... None of my spirits have revealed previously acquaintances but they do feel pretty familiar so maybe it's too soon for me.

Re: Empanadas and Spiritual Surprises

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 8:21 pm
by Catgirl2
They are what I can safely say true friends! It was difficult at first when it came to communication but I found that if I would light any candles or incense to start off with something earthy scents like patchouli or must then go from there & see how everything reacts to the scents! So the best way to describe it is the first few years was rough but as time went on I had to learn to relax & let it come on its own-some days it can still be difficult but not to feel anxious or stressed & just relax is the best way to get results!

Re: Empanadas and Spiritual Surprises

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 10:21 pm
by 2Heinrich
Thank you so much for your advice, Catgirl2!

It is funny now that you mention it because it finally made sense to me.

Every time I seem to relax and enjoy myself communication seems effortless. I guess I still need to figure put how to get in the zone while I am doing something else but in the other hand... The time alone with my spirits is totally worth the learning process.

Re: Empanadas and Spiritual Surprises

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 2:50 am
by Catgirl2
I still stress out at times where it affects the communication part, depending how my day went or if I was having a rough day! I find making a cup of mug wort tea seems to help with those stressful days! I have to admit, I had a bad dream one time which woke me up from my sleep, I couldn't relax to go back to sleep so I got up & went to watch TV to collect my thoughts & emotions, after I was calming down some I felt something was watching me & when I looked up I saw one of my spirits! I was so surprised because I wasn't expecting to see any of them due to the nightmare I had still made me a bit jumpy! Still makes me wonder though, as to what the frame of mind I was in, I am guessing that my third eye must've also kicked in as well!

Re: Empanadas and Spiritual Surprises

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 8:44 pm
by 2Heinrich
Really?! Wow! That's very sweet of them to show up after a nightmare. Dreams are sort of a sensitive topic for me, so I do understand where you're coming from.

A cup of tea is certainly bound to make you better almost at any time. I guess I'll go back to drinking tea more often. I miss it and today the weather is particularly cold so I could use it a lot.

And I know what you mean about being jumpy. I love when one of my spirits shows up whenever I lay down in bed. So far I haven't been able to avoid jumping after I get the feeling that someone is approaching me.

It doesn't matter if they sit and I can feel the weight on the bed but if they try to pin me down or get on top of me I freak out, lol. Guess I just lost practice.

Hopefully my wolf girl can help me fix that.

Re: Empanadas and Spiritual Surprises

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 2:33 am
by Catgirl2
Well I guess as long as mine don't hold me down for no good reason or try to scare me as a prank I am ok! I am still trying to be able to fully see them like that time I had that nightmare but I am assuming it's a matter of getting the same kind of energy but with out the shaken up feeling! I found tea usually helps me relax & some kinds work the best-the one brand I used to drink is hard to get in my area, the brand had a flavor I absolutely loved!

Re: Empanadas and Spiritual Surprises

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 2:51 am
by 2Heinrich
I wonder why there are certain things you get when dealing with spirits that feel like a once-in-a-lifetime deal. Maybe it is because you needed them so badly that time and if something else happens you already know you can count on them so it doesn't even go there in the first place. I don't know... just a random thought.

I don't know if has happened to you Catgirl2, but some times I feel that my spirits are there, and that I can see them and hear them crystal clear but it is happening on a second layer or something. I don't even have a name for it, feels like it's the back of my head, even deeper than the voice inside my head.

Most of the time is hard to go that deep and remain conscious, but my spirits seem pretty determined in helping me get there so I will enjoy the ride even if it gets a little jumpy, hahaha.

I hope you get to find that wonderful tea once again so that you can share it with your spirits. Next time I drink a cup of tea I'll be thinking of you guys and sending all my best wishes to you.

Re: Empanadas and Spiritual Surprises

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 3:22 am
by Catgirl2
I am guessing that's what had happened-my spirits wanted to let me know they are there for me-then that once in a lifetime experience that I know can & will happen again, I am betting the energy has to be just right for me to see any or all of them fully! I know they are around, I sense them, see them through my minds eye, even feel their energy! I do hope I find the tea I am looking for again, the brands name is Republic of Tea, my favorite flavor is the Blackberry Sage, the other flavors are so very good but for some reason the one that is my favorite is one that seems to sell out the quickest, yet it's hard to get now-makes me wonder sometimes!