Circle of Raphael

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Re: Circle of Raphael

Post by Chavah »

Thanks for sharing.i am glad to read about your Abracadabra pendant helped you in your healing experience. So my good news is my Abracadabra talisman indeed arrived few weeks after of my last review.

Love my medal, subtle but powerful. Nothing over the usual and almost thought it's not making much difference, after some adjustments in my health for thr better and some nice over due work related uplifts.

I put it off for whole week. Only then I realised, indeed it's continally balancing and stabilising my over all health and well being. I am very happy with my purchases.

I am now expecting 2 more of them plus a free pendant. Only going to keep one. Thr test is flung to be gifted away to my loved once.

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Re: Circle of Raphael

Post by gingerwolf »

I ordered the 7 Angels and the First Seal of Agrippa. I'm very excited to receive these pieces. I'll update this thread with my experiences once the pieces arrive. :)

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