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Re: moonstar7spirits

Postby LadyWo1f » Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:30 am


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Re: moonstar7spirits

Postby FF01 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:05 pm

One week ago I found Rhonda's site and purchased two items, an amulet and potion. I'll post soon RE: the experience. Rhonda responded to my emails very fast same day. She is very kind and thoughtful. Today I received my first package from her and when I opened it the energy was over the top! I've never felt energy intensity like this from any other seller's vessels, amulets, etc.
She wrapped the items individually in beautiful pouches with care. My limbs felt numb, tingling and I felt like I was floating as I held the items.
I am already a satisfied customer.

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Re: moonstar7spirits

Postby Ishvala » Sat Dec 29, 2018 12:12 pm

I bought the "Haunted ring Queen of the Vampires Nocturna Virginem Djinn Hybrid" a couple days ago and have had the sneaking suspicion that the lady hangs around me now and then, even before her ring has arrived. I even touched upon an amazing healing experience that I feel I couldn't have achieved without her in this thread here:


Because my ability to truly sense things isn't great I've been going by my gut and just leaving offerings out to show the Spirit that I appreciate her presence. I can only hope she got the message, and I'm not just going crazy and talking to myself daily...I'm unfortunately as skeptical as I am hopeful.

Thankfully Rhonda has been very sweet in her emails and I can't wait for the information on the Spirit to be sent (as well as the actual vessel) because I want to learn practically everything about them that there ever was to know. @_@

I wonder if Rhonda has a service where she can serve as a messenger for a Spirit she's already sold...? Normally the whole "read my spirit" listings make me skeptical because of a lot of posts CH has made - I stalk forums - but I figure if it's a Spirit one is familiar with and had worked with, that's its own exception no? I dunno. Maybe I'm asking too much. I just want to know if my Spirit is content or if I'm doing something wrong, and it's hard to figure that out with just occasional tingles. Maybe when the vessel comes, the more in depth bonding will commence? ^^;

Either way once I get the vessel, I'll spend thirty days or so bonding and then update you guys on how things are going.

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