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Re: Waif Faeries

Post by Rumonice »

I had mine since last week from Blujay76. Will post once I can connect with her. I wanted her for my keep because they increase keepers energy and helps remove stress/blockage.

Arkan Sonney reverse adoption - CH - M
Nympho prebound - CH - N
Succubus - CH - F
Succubus - CH - A
Succubus entity - CH - K
Succubus entity - LTT - L
Succubus Queen entity - LTT - E
Concuan entity prebound - CH - D
Sallier entity - CH - C
Bronwyn Angel entity reverse adoption - CH - N
Volkh - CH
Vampire muddled blood - CH - A
Vampire psy - CH - H
Waif Fae prebound - Blujay76 - M
Wraith - CH
Servitor - CH
Guardian Rael-Shaa - EclipseMeta

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