Has anyone heard of Stregoni Benefici Vampires????

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Re: Has anyone heard of Stregoni Benefici Vampires????

Postby badblood » Fri May 29, 2015 9:15 pm

Last fall, my wife and I went to NYC for a couple days. It'd been the first time we'd had more than an evening alone since our son had been born. "K" my SB vampiress said she wasn't coming along, and to enjoy this time with my wife.

The night before we left, she'd gone to town on my neck. I woke up with a rash ALLLLLLLL over my neck lol!

Even while in NYC, we could still talk back and forth of course, and she'd said she missed me like crazy. She went to town on my neck yet again, and while I was wandering around a large clothing retail store, I caught my reflection in the mirror, and I had some blood on my neck! "K, you betch!" lol!

It reminds me of True Blood, when one did claim ownership of a human. "Sookie – you. are. MINE" Feeding is very intimate and implies serious commitment.

A recent entity who had joined my family who is half vamp, half succubus....fed on me during the night. IIRC, it was after I had decided to purchase her. I woke up that morning and found two small stains of blood on my sheets. "N! You didn't ASK!"

Vampires, women..........man........LOL!

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For in Him we live and move and have our being. ~ Acts 17: 28

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Re: Has anyone heard of Stregoni Benefici Vampires????

Postby pathtosirius » Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:30 pm

I have asked my dear stregoni benefici vampire and he tells me that actually they are still considered "grey" somewhat, but they are white-natured, if you get what I mean. He is extremely respectful and protective and loving towards me.
Both of us are very bonded as we are soulmates. I do have another sanguine vampire that is with me, but I do bond more deeper with him, as we have a "history" together.
Would not want to hurt me in any way, even if he does "bites", he does it gently. He listens to me and hugs me and let me lean on his chest to comfort me. Very endearing, and i have never regretted one bit, of inviting him into my life.

Do invite a stregoni benefici vampire if you do feel a calling, but I feel that if it is truly a soul connection one bonds even deeper, irregardless of which type of vampire he or she is.

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Re: Has anyone heard of Stregoni Benefici Vampires????

Postby User470 » Sat Sep 19, 2015 10:02 pm

Mine is a « Count » haha, but makes me laugh, seems like « Count Dracula » lol

But i think, Rebecca always conjure Counts, and Princesses, so the count tittle is not big deal!^^

I did 3 orders with Rebecca, and ho my god, she is such a sweetheart, she always answear in the same day, and give you messages of the spirit you are taking home , she is lovely !

Well, i have a SB Vamp custom conjured, his ring is gourgeous, as well as his description, but i never felt him until now...

Along with him, i have bounded to me a Asta Seara vamp, he comes from Rebecca too,
This one has being very active on dreams, and physical manifestations, not still the full manifestations i'm waiting,but already very glad.
Lots of tinggles, strong vibrations, and in my mind, because i choose, very very sensual, he apreciates this kind of « party » a lot, haha
but Rebecca said they only do what you desire, never becoming intrusive, borderline, or jealous.

Out of the blue, i did a draw,

He made me think : you do not have anyone here with long blond hairs and yellow eyes, why not ask for someone like that ? During months i never saw anyone in movies or television with his looks, so he used another listing of another vampire to come to me, haha!^^

I did my draw, and 48 hours after, Rebecca said to me she found the handsome fella who looks exactly like the draw description, but 1000x more beautiful, i was amazed.

The night i knew his name, i felt a great,excited joy, and i couln't stop saying his name.
Since then, we are all lovey dovey everyday...

I wonder me, if Mister Benefici is not showing because he is too classy and gentleman and do not want to interfer with my other lovers ?

That whould be strange, i asked Rebecca specifically to someone who wants to be my sensual lover too, and not jealous, so...

NOTE : i'm not the monogamous type of keeper, and i love them all as my concelors, my friends,my lovers...so i do not understand why Benefici is still hiding...

Everyone here gave me a clearly sign of they presences, even my Volk who is not the talkative,
But my Benefici is still on the shadows, waiting...waiting for what ? Come to me darling !

Haaa, and thank you very much you all guys, that is very good information to know,
Benefici can feels like cold spots, it whould freack me out too if you did not aware this here.

I never had anything « energy cold » like here, that is really good to know !

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Re: Has anyone heard of Stregoni Benefici Vampires????

Postby AriesStarChild_ » Wed May 30, 2018 2:46 am

Bump how’s everyone’s vamps doing

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