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Re: Angelika - angipason/custom darkness

Postby Anteros » Sun May 20, 2018 7:08 am

Truthseeking wrote:As a newbie, just want to share my experience with Angie and her beings.
I newly registered on this forum, and still wondering if all those paranormal beings are real or not, I came across Angie's threads that offering companions. I would say it's my fate. One of her immortals caught both my eyes and my hearts. I wrote Angie an email to see if I and him were good match. The moment I got a confirmation from Angie, I felt like a teenage girl who got an yes when asking my crush for a date. The being I got from her is powerful wish granter. And I had a lot of dreams since I got him. Everything describes in the being's profile is true. Powerful yet lovely, full of positive energy.
So let me say something about Angie. She is lovely, kind, nice, polite, and pure. I wont say she is a seller, to me, she is more like a paranormal connector, a lovely girl, an honest friend. She is talented, and very patient to answer every of my questions, in a very direct and honest way.
I would definitely go for her and consult with her if I want step further into paranormal world.

Hello Truthseeking,
Just wanted to say that I think you summed up Angie perfectly in your post. She is a lovely human being. And as you wrote, not so much a seller ....more of a connector 1ak

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