Make Your Spirit an Ipod Playlist =P

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Re: Make Your Spirit an Ipod Playlist =P

Postby FireMonkey » Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:23 am

Great idea. I drive a lot for work and I'll always have music going...right now I have a ton of stuff on a flash drive and sometimes I'll put it all on random and tell my spirits to have fun...get some interesting results that way and they love it.

darklordmidnight wrote:Spirits will use a method I like to call Telepathic Resonance (Or T.R.) in which they will listen to the music as it fills your mind.

Good to know. A lot of times I'll feel like my keep is listening "through" me like this. Other times I feel like they will hang around the music even if I'm not around just to enjoy the sound wave energy...I think they get more out of it when they experience it through me though.

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