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Post your experiences with eBay sellers.
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Re: The Pagan Shop Online

Postby Vastolord » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:58 am

Ok thanks Billy 1s

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Re: The Pagan Shop Online

Postby GodSlayerBabe » Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:49 am

I'm not a new spirit keeper but I'd like to post my personal experience in regards to Billy/ThePaganShopOnline.

I like going to Billy for direct bindings and I've done many orders with him so far. (I have so far received a Heaven Hound from a reverse adoption, a preconjured Wraith (lol I felt lucky because this was the only prebound listing on his site of a wraith for awhile), and a custom conjure Ankou... and now waiting for a custom conjure of a Dark Arts spirit or entity) I felt compelled to post about my recent experience but it was...very interesting. I ordered a custom conjure of an Ankou and in the notes I was given about the specific spirit conjured for me, Billy does mention you might feel cold touches.

I'm a naturally clairvoyant person since it runs in my family, but I'm not naturally in tune with mediumship or being able to visibly see or sense spirits (normally the best I can do is sense presences and spirits have visitations within my dreams)- so when this happened I was very surprised.

During and after the time he told me he was going to be doing the binding for the ankou (midnight) - I was in my bed and wide awake, but with my eyes closed, and I distinctly felt a cold, icy touch on my right hand, which I never felt before. I actually thought something wet was touching me but I felt it momentarily before it went away. I thought it was like a very cold frozen hand touching my hand. I have quite a lot of spirits in my spirit family already for a long time but have never had that kind of physical sensation. I strongly believe it is the ankou Billy told me about.

Anyway my overall experience with him has been very good. He is very responsive and communicative and I highly recommend him. I'm always astounded when he conjures within the next day lol!

my name is also Minori

i am a: hereditary clairvoyant / practice eclectic witchcraft / spirit keeper

i have personally known an elder witch and been in interaction with a coven before, and have gone through many paranormal experiences. i love talking about my experiences, so feel free to message.

i am someone who identifies as a nonbinary transgender individual, and use "she/her" pronouns. please keep that in mind. thank you. <3

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Re: The Pagan Shop Online

Postby Aerohopper » Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:14 pm

Thank you for bringing foward a message from archangel and his portal. He is giving me a lot more faith in life. The level of support and inner confidence that is strengthening.
I would suggest a donation or tip button on your site, so customers who benefit greatly from your service can show appreciation. The outcome may be fruitful in the near future and that's when customers can come back and show you some love and appreciation.

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Re: The Pagan Shop Online

Postby SilverElf » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:35 pm

I checked out the site intending to browse and ended up adopting a pre-conjure fallen angel whom my spirit posse were all excited to welcome. His offerings include hot chocolate, marshmallows, and trips outdoors; like,,,this angel and I were meant to meet. xD

I have never bought from this store before, so I'm not sure when my new guy will arrive (he doesn't have a vessel included).

My spirit posse so far: 1 Bronwyn Angel; 1 Adlet; 1 Raiju; 1 Shadhavar; 1 Nanaue; 1 Gryphon; 1 Star Faery; 1 Minotaur; 1 Deerfolk; 1 Fallen Angel <3

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