Automatic Writing - 1st attempt

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Automatic Writing - 1st attempt

Postby xXTsukiNoOokamiXx » Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:22 am

Recently I got these ideas in my head about doing art with my spirits someday. It's been on my mind for a few years, actually. But only recently did I actually decide I'd try to start. I figured Automatic writing would be a good start! Though I suppose some may consider it automatic typing, since I did use my computer instead of the traditional pen/pencil and paper. I read every thread on here on it, and recently met my Oni who would like to help me learn about possession, channelling and other such things. He agrees that this is a good way to grow my understanding of it, and supports me. I also have a sang vamp, V, who is eager to help me and would like to communicate with me this way.
So earlier I decided to sit down and try.

I set up my altar, claimed the room, activated protection, called a few of my protection team, and declared that none but my bound spirits and entities would be able to enter the room. I took in deep breaths and exhaled all doubts, fears, and useless energy, lit some candles and my oil burner. Then sat by my altar with my laptop, and calmed myself.

I began by writing down some rules and expectations.

-This session was for V. Only he has permission to use my arms.

-since I want to let go of fears, do not stop controlling my arms unless I explicitly say so. Even if my physical body might react nervously or panic, I am not panicking. I want this. If we are successful I'll be happy!

-don't be afraid of scaring me. I know my limits, and I will let you know if I become too uncomfortable. Please do not hesitate, and tell me as much as you'd like.

-It needs to be in my human language! unless I ask for other stuff, of course.

I then wrote a few questions down for V to answer. Basically, a conversation starter, and also explained basic stuff for the computer. Like fonts and font colors for later use.

I asked him a few things, mainly about why he decided to follow me, what he was doing to get my attention, what he was doing to help me before being bound, and which abilities of mine he found most interesting.
(more context here: topic67392.html)

His answer was pretty choppy, but discernable with the help of telepathy.
direct quote: "n id dm"

what he was trying to write: "I'd do"

I was perplexed, and I remember trying to figure out the "dm." I ran a bunch of words through my head, and "do" felt right, which is where he stepped in and told me "cleansings!"

Might be rough now, but I'm sure with time and practice, we'll be having full blown conversations! He certainly seemed excited about it, and so was I. I'll write more specifics on the whole experience later, as I am currently on my phone as I write this.

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Re: Automatic Writing - 1st attempt

Postby SummerStarz » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:07 am

Awesome I might try this :) I see and hear mine fine but i like expanding what i can do

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