Help with starting to open my third eye

Need help learning how to Meditate? Know any tricks on how to achieve it? Post here!
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Re: Help with starting to open my third eye

Postby polyana005 » Sun Mar 03, 2019 4:04 pm

Inedible wrote:But it looks like we can't all have the flashy toys and the good news is that we don't really need them.

That IS great indeed, isn't it?

1tu it's fun even without all these visitors hanging around all the time being tangible and visible. Perfectly OK for me. I love piece and quiet in the physical too.

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Re: Help with starting to open my third eye

Postby Adrasteia » Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:30 pm

polyana005 wrote:
Heidi wrote:I Agree with you too. I have the same problem. I have spent overall, about $400-500 in different spells and spirits thats supposed to help with either opening up 3rd eye or other things & none have worked for me in the past year. I’m not buying anymore bindings. And i dont know what do do about making these worth my money. Pretty upset to be honest.
“I bookmarked the dynamite intense spirit communication one a while ago but i'm kinda not sure of getting it because every spell i have gotten from creepyhollows doesn't appear to work at all for me. So i don't know about getting any more spells from creepyhollows in general.”

Hi there, I don't know if you are active on the forum or not as the post dates back to 2017.

OK, my point can be useful for someone else, who finds this thread.

I used to look into these 3rd eye spells, services, you name it. I've got numerous amounts of spells, bindings and Li Chaun's 3rd eye attunement done in 3 years ago. All these improved my ability to actually see spirits and energy but nothing "blasted open" my 3rd eye.

I cannot see neither servitors in my keep, nor spirits manifesting in full human apparition. And I realized that THANK GOODNESS that I don't. I would have gone a nerve wreck and totally nuts. I mean it.

I purchased CH's Masterful gaze several years ago but did not use it often, it's binding in C5T3. I tried it yesterday. It helps to see spirits waaaaay better in the minds eye than without it. But gaze with it on in a dimmed room, in a relaxed state, after having taken some relaxing breaths.

You just can't (and don't need) to see every spirit, every entity in the waking state. You have more than enough to focus on. Just think about it. When you want some "me" time but your "privacy" is being invaded by any visible spirit or entity or thoughtform, you would become insane.

3rd eye gives you an opportunity to have mental images of spirits manifestations. It is also a gateway to other viewing other worlds and realms. It is a lot more than that too, but please, don't expect seeing physical manifestations in full blown physical apparition WITH PHYSICAL EYES right away after ordering a spell. 3rd eye is not about physical seeing, it's the mind's eye.

One must strengthen and work all by themselves further in order to see clearer manifestations through gazing.

^^^ THIS ^^^

I think that every newbie needs to see this.
Besides that, we aren't the ones reponsible for physical apparitions. The spirit has the choice to materialise for us to see it in true form. This is extremely rare and takes a lot of energy for the spirit. Many people, who report of sightings actually see ghosts or earthbound spirits. It doesn't seem to be that easy for bound spirits, since they aren't in tune with our realm anymore.


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