2016.06.03 - Wheel of Fortune Spread - in the midst of a great upset

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2016.06.03 - Wheel of Fortune Spread - in the midst of a great upset

Postby Alys-RaccoonReadings » Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:54 am


Card 1: This represents you, sitting in the middle of the wheel; whether you are there calmly and centered, or if you're fighting this. The Magician. I understand the workings of the cosmos and my own power within it. I direct my intentions and have the skills I need to manifest my goal(s). I am ready to direct my will and take action. I have the necessary tools to manifest my dreams.
The Magician
The Magician acts with creativity and confidence! Numbered one, this card often indicates a new beginning or the “spark” of something happening. The Magician understand the workings of the cosmos and their own power within it. They direct their intentions and they have the skills they need to manifest their goal(s). On the right (from the Unicorns of the Universe Tarot), you see the tools laid out before the Pegasus Unicorn. The Cup, Sword, Pentacle, and Wand are the four suits in the Minor Arcana and are used in elemental magick. Seeing the Magician in a reading suggests that you are ready to direct your will and take action. You have the necessary tools to manifest your dreams. Additionally, the Magician card can indicate deception – but not in an altogether bad way. The Magician stuns their audience with amazing events that defy logic. The Magician is persuasive. Whether it’s smoke and mirrors or true magick doesn’t matter. People want to believe in the magick they see. So, in essence, this card can also be saying “fake it till you make it.”

Card 2: This point in the cycle represents that which is sleeping or fallow or dead, the quiet winter and dark rich earth from which seeds sprout. It may not look like anything's going on, but this place is necessary and needed; it is the rest from which you will wake, renewed. The World. What is resting is true fulfillment and triumph. I have had a couple of months of frustration in regards to getting to work and having the satisfaction I get from going to work. Even though it has seemed like everything's been holding still, this was necessary to what comes next.
The World (I think this one is also upright)
The World is undeniably one of the most exciting cards in the Tarot. Ending the journey of the Major Arcana cards, the World tells us we have the learned life’s lessons and that we are triumphant. To see the World in a reading suggests that you experiencing true fulfillment. In the LEYE WEYE tarot on the left, we see a bee pollinating a flower. This image symbolizes union. While the flower and bee are separate entities, their symbiosis as key to their survival, as well as the ecosystems around them. To see the World card in a reading suggests that you are living in accordance with your true self and that are fulfilling your dharma. Dharma is about how you uphold cosmic law, within and outside of yourself. Your talents, inner beauty, and love enriches all those you come in contact with. You are living your life in way that promotes others around you to become more connected to their own dharma. To see the World card reversed suggests that you may be having trouble manifesting your inner calling. It may also suggest that you are close to integration, but not quite there yet. To see what may be preventing full synthesis, see what cards surround the World.

Card 3: This card represents what is coming to be; new things that are growing, spring. The tower, reversed. Change is coming and it is best to embrace it.
The Tower, reversed
So, everything you have worked so hard to achieve comes crashing down, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. The Tower is about a sudden change that has left you standing exposed and uncertain. To see this card in a reading suggests that there has been a drastic turn of events. Something you’ve built up to provide you with a sense of security is no longer there. This card may also mean that you’ve built up a structure that was not stable in the first place, and that you must rebuild a stronger foundation that better suits you. There may be outdated beliefs or constraints that need to be destroyed and recreated. Quite literally, this card can also indicate problems with a building, construction project, or house. Numerically, 16 reduces to 7, the number of the Chariot. This suggests a change or the dissipation of the victory achieved from the Chariot. Have you built something up on a material or surface level that became unfulfilling? Often this card appears in a reading when a downfall (loss of job, change in residence or home location, etc.) forces you to make a change that may actually be a blessing in disguise. To see the Tower reversed in a reading suggests that you are avoiding the unavoidable. Best to embrace the change. The reversal can also indicate that the experience of the tower is in the past.

Card 4: This is things that are at their height, the summer's glory; something that you can be most successful with right now, an idea whose time is right. I need to keep working with everything I have built up to this point and lead with it. My intuition and sense with regards to my shop is right. I should continue expanding my network and connections. I am a natural leader at work and I need to own that. I can step into any situation and be fruitful. It's time to throw my shoulder to the wheel in all of these things.
King of Pentacles (I think it's upright)
Where the Queen of Pentacles is stable and nurturing, the King is the outward activating force that defines what stability is. As the King of Pentacles, you are a natural leader. You have worked hard to get to the top, and you know the importance of planning and strategy. You have an intuitive understanding of the business and financial realm, and all that goes into creating something with material stability and structure. To see this card in a reading suggests that you are a natural leader with a lot of power, building things up with a logical and steady approach. You know how to work with others and you are always expanding your connections. You can step into any situation and make it fruitful. The elemental combination of “Fire of Earth” suggests that you blend the charismatic, innovative spark of Fire with a dependable and grounded nature. In terms of rank, a King implies someone in a place of power; a parent, guardian, boss, or leader. To see the King of Pentacles reversed may indicate that may be experiencing a change or difficulty in stability and that you are having trouble taking the lead. It could also indicate that you are abusing your power. Seeing any court card (a Page, Knight, King, or Queen) in a reading can also represent someone else that may be in (or coming into) your life. Trust your intuition, and look at the cards that surround the court card to help you decide if the King is you or someone else.

Card 5: This card represents the things that are passing away, that are no longer needed, or that are dying now, the autumn. My rank as "less" is passing away and dying. I might become the primary breadwinner or not, but I will emerge from this an undisputed and unquestioned equal in the eyes of the family.
Page of Swords
The Page is a messenger that brings the message of its suit. In this case, the Page of Swords is bringing a message to work with the power of Swords and the element Air. Like the Page, you may not know what awaits you, but the potential is there and you should be open to thinking carefully, and communicating with truth and justice. Air carries the power of communication, intellectual thoughts/actions, and a focus on justice. Also, traditionally the Page was the servant, or younger person that worked below the Knight, Queen and King. This idea of “rank” can translate quite literally in a Tarot reading, and might imply a younger sibling, student, or person on the lower rungs of a power structure of some sort (please note that this does not mean the Page is powerless!). Generally, the idea of potential, energy, learning, and excitement surrounds the youthful spirit of the Page. You may benefit from learning from or serving the ranks above you. In the suit of swords, the Page must weigh out the situation with their intellect and use direct, methodical communications that support just causes. The elemental combination “Earth of Air” implies that your actions will be most effective through steady efforts (Earth). Root your judgements and thinking with practicality. To see this card reversed in a reading suggests that you are having difficulty moving forward, and acting with the qualities of truth and justice. There may also be power struggles (especially if the Knight, Queen, or King surrounds the reversed Page). Seeing any court card (a Page, Knight, King, or Queen) in a reading can also represent someone else that may be in (or coming into) your life. Trust your intuition and look at the cards that surround the Page to help you decide if the card represents you or someone else.

Card 6: This is Dame Fortune Herself, turning the Wheel: the overall theme of Fate in your life right now. Overcoming loss and sadness is what is turning the wheel right now.
Five of Cups, reversed
This card suggests that you have been through some emotional turmoil. You’ve suffered a loss and you may be feeling a sense of regret, or overall sadness. To see this card in a reading implies that while there’s a lot of pain, but that there’s also a lot of good. You will benefit from remembering what you do have. All has NOT been lost. There is hope for the future. As the old saying goes, this too shall pass. Now is a time to stay positive and focus on the things that are happy and fruitful within your life. You will be able to rebuild by beginning to shift your energy away from the turmoil and pain. To see this card reversed in a reading suggests that you are overcoming loss or sadness and have moved on. It could also indicate that you are in denial of how hurt you are by something. As always, the other cards around you can tell you what the reversal means.

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