2017.02.03 - Sometimes, I'm a Walk-In

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2017.02.03 - Sometimes, I'm a Walk-In

Postby Alys-RaccoonReadings » Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:51 am

I had a lucid dream running from 5am until 11am that I think involves a walk-in on a future parallel self? Or maybe just someone in a future parallel dimension. But once I walk in, I tend to think of them as a self because of how our consciences intermingle.

It was a post-we've-destroyed-it Earth, but the background of the people group I was in was completely different from what it would be if they came from us.

The entire society was supposed to be polyamorous, but they had strayed from their ideals somehow at a time no one in the general society could quite remember. They had moved towards de facto monogamy when they were supposed to be poly. Like it was part of their touted virtues that they were supposed to be poly and naked all the time etc. There was supposed to be no limit or shame on it. But they had become de facto monogamous while also the shadowy leaders of society had somehow started arranging these relationships.

You were also SUPPOSED to be able to choose your own name, but everyone was given a title from a very restricted list. This, too, happened very de facto.

There was an older man that I'd had a father-child sort of relationship with. A mentor relationship. His title was CC. A common title among a certain level of mentors/leaders. The self I was visiting only knew this much, but I myself sensed something was off and needed to be returned to the original values to restore both this self and the society.

I sensed that no one was who they were supposed to be. Something outside, above, and magickal had interfered, cloaking memories and changing bodies. All that needed to happen for us to remember and reclaim our true selves was that I remember for the self I walked into and use her power.

I could remember that CC was not who he was. That he should be younger and that his name was Charles. If I could get him alone and place my palm on his face and call his true name, he would remember. That was the beginning of my power and the memories would pass through my palm with my words and unlock the truth. But I needed to catch him alone in the quiet without interruption for a small but sustained period of time.

The leaders at his level and above him made this very difficult as they kept trying to introduce me to my chosen mate. I kept saying, shouldn't we just be doing these things rather than "Choosing?" Because to "Choose" meant to settle with only One, and was to be a personal calling agreed on by the two. It was to be an exception to the poly rule that required rigorous vetting because the people weren't supposed to be monogamous.

I finally got CC by the hand and ran him to the woods just off the settlement's property. We quieted, because we needed quiet for this magick to work. We needed to ground, and center, etc. He did not understand that magickal principle or magick, but he could calm himself--he was a master of himself. I sat upon his chest and placed my palm on his face as it glowed golden and became warm with the magick of remembering who we were. His coarse gray hair returned to a soft strawberry blond wave, and his grizzled face became smooth and boyish again and he became Charles and I became Lily. His magiicks returned, as did mine. We remembered that we had Chosen each other as the shadowy powers above had just started interfering with our society's system.

We had friends who also needed rescuing. Charles's magicks made him strong, and mine made me like the sun, warm and light. So I could fly and return memories like the sun in spring calling the trees back out to remember their leaves. Charles was strong like an oak and could fight for me while I healed the people.

We never did find the WHO was above and interfering during my walk-in, but we did start the hard work of returning our people to who they were supposed to be--a people who were free with their bodies and love and could make their own choices and glory in their freedom.

When I left, our friends were going out to other settlements and helping them manage their own healing and infrastructure as Charles and Lily gloried in each other (and occasionally those around them.)

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