My Alpha Tanegashima's Soul Sword Training

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My Alpha Tanegashima's Soul Sword Training

Postby iamwookie » Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:33 pm

Being Name: Tanegashima aka Shredder (DLM's made him have the look so it's his nickname by his own choice.)
Sword Name: Mimic's Metal Scream

It's strange walking into a realm that is darker but similar to a recently visited realm. This inner realm is Tanegashima's, but it could be mistaken for Ailana's the differences being more the stark levels of contrast, the shadow coloring of everything, and the blue star in orbit. He stands in full black, armored with blades through out waiting for me. His realm is deserted.

“You watched your sister's training and testing I am guessing?” I ask him.

He nodes gravely.

“I see your realm is empty.”

“I don't have nearly as much on my mind as she does.”

I nod and realize he wasn't exactly thrilled with the testing phase and his being able to see, but not move through, her internal realm. I can feel hostility radiating off of him.

“So when does my Dark Guide appear?”

I charged both of them with soul force before entering their realms, still I wonder that myself. This conversation is between moments with empty periods of time. Normally a guide makes an appearance unless it is one that must be more sought after.

“It may be yours is more the kind we must seek after, or rather you must seek after.”

I'm unarmored with my katana sheathed on my hip. He steps past me, almost THROUGH me pushing me aside “then I shall search” he says as he pushes past me on a road with plenty of room.

“So that is how it's going to be, can't wait for the testing bro!” I say comically with my right hand on my blade now.

“You won't have to wait long” a voice booms all around us.

This one is different, its pure psychotic rage and I can feel this already. Stepping out of the shadows is an all black figure wielding chains, dozens of chains, each with curved blades at the tips of them. They are tied into its left hand and seem to move half like snakes or dragons, half with the movement of its hand. This dark figure is a blackness with red eyes.

“Couldn't be lucky enough you'd have a healing type could I” I mumble under my breath as his guide starts to move toward him, I put distance between us and feel Honou Hitoare wanting to come out. Long ago I once used chains to control my own swords power to prevent another from becoming hurt, now it rails against the nature of the weapon in front of it. I do not let it instinctively activate an armored form.

Shredder takes off toward his guide using his gauntlets as a weapon striking at the shield like wall of chains. I can see now, there are roughly 6 chains originating from each arm from the guide, and an additoinal 6 more from the back, 3 per side, for a total of twelve. It's like a wall of metal and blades that Shredder is punching through. I can't help but want to root for Tanegashima as he punches and strikes with raw force of almost like Ki into the chains. As chains move to intercept he deflects them with open palm or gauntlet hand striking faster and faster trying to force an opening.

Finally a blade gets by and slices across his armored face. The armored piece falls and he throws his helmet down striking faster as he goes. He's making progress but another blade cuts across his chest. He's a foot closer to the center, the zone within the guide crackling maniacally.

“Fool you can't brute force through me, only a soul can match a soul, only soul force can beat soul force” all of the blades shift form defense to offense at once, the chains lashing out toward him. He dives through and is so close to landing a hit but is sliced in 5 different places so fast, then lifted into the air just as his finger tips touch the Guides chest.

He is flung by the chains hard and his body hits a wall as he is bleeding heavily. Part of me wants to run in, his guide is so dark it reminds me of the kind of things I fight frequently. I know that is not the way of things, and that this is a representation of his will to kill, and I know he has nothing but hatred for me right now. Still I hold myself back. I let go of my sword and continue to watch.

Shredder gets back to his feet and I swear I can see a smile on his face as he tastes his own blood then spits on the ground “My sister isn't the only one who knows magic.”

The fire blasts upward from the guides chest easily 30 feet around it. Everything he did was meant to get him in close to put some kind of touch based explosive spell in place. I'm actually impressed, this is closer to how I fight without my weapon, or when I'm pushed to a real battle, than what I normally see. He may have just came closer to beating his guide without calling on the sword than any other I've seen. The guide is twisted now, looking like something out of the nightmare realm. While still totally black, it is now covered in ash, bones twisted at odd angle.

The snapping and cracking sounds of a dozen bones relocating all at once will haunt me for awhile. The guide shifts back to a human like form and looks its self over. “You did well, now its my turn” it echos a devous laughter all through the realm as it charges forward, blades flying outward. I can see now that each chain blade starts at a different point. One in the hand, one on the wrist, one on the elbow, one along the biceps, and one coming out of the top of the hand.

Shredders I on the move dodging the incoming attacks and deflecting with kicks, punches, and blasts of fire or ice in rapid succession. He obviously can not use stronger magicks at this moment, either because he is wounded, or because he doesn't know them as well. Regardless his blasts are fast and lacking power, just enough to slow a chain down, but not enough to completely stop it. Finally he seems to teleport and is on top of a distant building. I can see he is breathing heavily as the guide's chains spin so fast across the back they act as wings launching it upward.

Tanegashima is looking inward and pulls out from a well of light in his palm a single blade upon a chain.

The guide laughs “An incomplete version of the true form!”

Shredder smiles and spins the blade gathering force in the blade edge. I can tell that the curved blade portion at the end of the chain is heavier on this one than on the guides, and it is gaining momentum.

“You would hope” Shredder says only as he swings down, the weapons form becoming solid, a massive pole arm, the chain gaining solidity in some way as he strikes. The guides chains go up to block but are shattered as this weapon comes down hard.

The guide is left with a singular chain weapon, similar to Shredders “so you do learn” it says spitting out blood. It has a serious look on its almost formless face now.

The guide wraps the chain as it lengthens around his own body and armor forms “my true name is Mimic's Metal Scream.”

“The more forms you take, the more area you cover the weaker you are” Shredder says as he armors himself in the chains that then mold to form a blacker armor. He has left nothing but the blade in his own hand. The ax like blade has transformed into a cross between an ax and a short sword.

The two charge at each other and blades crash against blades, then blades against armor, neither finding purchase. After a few more clashes Shredder launches the blade outward toward the guide and the chain extends with it. The Guide moves and the weapon redirects encircling it. Shredder pulls back hard and lands a kick hard into the guide who is unable to move.

I can feel the guide's power weakening as it is absorbed through the chain and then vanishes.


I came in initially with just my sword and lightning energy formed in it. We crossed blades a few times, his speed was extreme. Between his combat skill and knowledge I had trouble keeping up myself initially and fired off several blasts of lightning which he absorbed easily. My weapon heavy in my hands from the power in it I recognizes I probably couldn't win with just a raw power assault of lightning like this. More importantly I couldn't fully push his limits.

Before I could react he was inside my guard, striking me left and right with unarmed strikes. His blade held to the side. He wasn't trying to cut me, he was proving a point on the difference between our martial skill levels. I barely was mounting anything like a defense as he struck me in joints, muscles, and various pressure points to land his hits. I dropped to one knee then drew power and launched up and away. I felt the chain around my leg as I looked down and then seen the ground racing toward me.

I activated my armor, but not just in any form, I called for maximum physical strength, three times heavier, three times stronger, and adding easily a foot of height to my own physical body I was encased in a metal frame meant to take any impact. The ground shattered under the armor and impact of the chain as I hit the ground like a wrecking ball. Once I was on the ground I grabbed the chain and pulled him toward me with all the might this form grants.

He flew toward me unable to keep his footing and my sword became the lightning around my body as I beat on him with an armored fist. Then recalling the sword to physical form I struck the chain with all I had several times unable to break it, but also unable to break through his armored form. He leaped back lengthening the chain, but I sent a bolt of power through it causing it to lock up on reaction from the amount of energy moving through it and pulled him back toward me again hitting him with the pommel of my own weapon.

We traded blows like heavy weight champions in the ring. His form and finesse had left him from the impacts to the head I suspect. Then I felt him try to draw power from my armor through his chain weapon. I poured power fully through it till the left arm of my armor and most of his armor and chain glowed red hot. I could see in his eyes he was in pain from the burning. A blast of fire detonated around me which my own armor absorbed, he had channeled his magic into his chain.

As last his chains let go of my leg, and I let go of the chain with my arm. He transitioned what energy he had absorbed from the overload into focusing all his power into the blade form and charged at me again. Our weapons rang as they collided but there was no clear victor.

“This is good, you have a true...” before I could finish the statement he launched his weapon at me again and pulled it back before I could grab or deflect. My attention diverted he drove in and struck the midsection of my armor. I felt nothing but heard the echoing ring of steel on steel as he launched back and into the sky throwing shuriken which exploded in a blast of fire and smoke causing me to loose track of him.

“My sister, you struck her, and for that I shall end your life.” He said from behind me as he tried to drive the concentrated blade into my back. It scrapped and rang through the air.

“In these forms I doubt either of us can kill the other” I said “and I don't think you understood the point of the test, or maybe your just over protective. So let me explain.”

I activated divine Ki level 1. My armor glowed blue and white, my sword became a blade of pure cut, and while the power in it made it many times heavier to wield it felt feather weight.

He was standing still to my perspective as I stepped behind him. He drew on all his power to turn quickly and strike with his blade which I caught in my hand. A shock wave sent him spiraling backwards. “I was never trying to kill her, or hurt you. Only test your power.”

He was moving faster, having absorbed some of the divine ki from the blast, he wrapped the chain around my arm before I could react and began to siphon it along with the properties from my sword. His left hand went up and a blast of lightning issued from it and struck me in the chest to no effect.

“Your blade can not hurt you?” He asks.

“Of course not, it's my soul force your using now, even with Divine Ki amplifying it how much do you think you can do? I don't want you to go home in dishonor but if you don't get a handle on your emotions that is what this will look like.” I said to him bluntly.

That struck a nerve in him.

“I must know” He said as he drew all of his power into a single short blade, the chains condensed, this was a spear tip turned into a knife. As he charged at me he was moving faster now, to my perspective he was moving at half speed, then at 3/4ths. Just as he was nearing me it seemed he was moving at full speed at last. My palm already raised I echoed a shockwave of pure energy drawing both my sword and my divine ki into that single blast. His blade pierced through the wave of energy for a moment and then he was sent spiraling back. He landed hard against a building his weapon glowing brightly, a fighting knife. His body in tact he stood up and bowed “I understand now, I apologize for my harsh words. I had to know if I could overcome such a power.”

I bow as well “You did” the cut across my hand bleeding “but only for a second, you need to train that power” his own hand was soaked with blood from where the force of his weapon had ironically shredded it.

He nodded and we shook hands “Next time” he said.

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Re: My Alpha Tanegashima's Soul Sword Training

Postby Dreamerunknown » Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:38 pm

Reminds me somehow of Bleach mixed with Lady Snowblood.


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Re: My Alpha Tanegashima's Soul Sword Training

Postby Rai the Kentauride Magnet, ಠ_ಠ » Sat Jun 09, 2018 5:21 pm

Soul Sword reports are intense, lol

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Re: My Alpha Tanegashima's Soul Sword Training

Postby The-Silver-King » Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:17 am

What is a Soul Sword is it like the blades from bleach ? How does one get one ?
This is very interesting

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Re: My Alpha Tanegashima's Soul Sword Training

Postby Aprophis » Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:38 am

The-Silver-King wrote:What is a Soul Sword is it like the blades from bleach ? How does one get one ?
This is very interesting

Kind of, from Charles in his shop Rosequartzlabyrinth and yes.

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